Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sick sick and triple sick

This is one sick fucker. Don't really click on the link. I wish I hadn't. The photo is from the Herald Sun newspaper and the sicko called John Delahaye lives in Traralgon. How could he? I grew up on a farm too, and yes, animals were killed, including dogs, but they were killed with a single shot and died instantly.

Why he was not sentenced to fifteen years gaol, I don't know. Why is our court sentencing so out of tune with what the public think? Suspended sentence? Why for gods sake?

Five nails shot with a nail gun into a dog's head did not kill it. Stabbing it in the throat did not kill it. Bashing it with a sledgehammer finally did.

Please, find me someone who thinks his only punishment, three years without being able to own a pet for three years, is a just punishment for his cruel crime.


  1. I try really hard to skip over the too-frequent reports of sickfucks who hurt animals.
    So I don't track 'em down and exact vengeance on behalf of the speechless creatures.
    A special place in hell for this guy and all who know him.

  2. But horrible things like this happen on farms all the time.

    Food animals are sometimes treated like this...maybe sometimes worse than this.

    Why does society feel THAT'S okay?

    I don't know about Australia, but in America farm animals (if they're to be used for food) are not protected under animal cruelty laws.

    We could say it's okay because those animals were bred and produced FOR the purpose of feeding us. But it doesn't matter why something was can still feel pain.

    I do think the man you speak about is horrible, but we (or most of us) contribute to animal suffering every day.

    I'm not sure any of us are that much better than him.

    Okay. Yeah. Sorry for soapboxing on your blog ; )

  3. I loathe petshops - taking on the responsibility of humane petcare should not be an impulse decision.
    I loathe people who breed animals for sale.
    I loathe the canned petfood industry: if there really is chicken in the cans, why are they tortured to feed the puppies and kittens sold by petshops - stop one and end the other.
    I loathed it last weekend on the freeway when a truckload of chickens whooshed past me doing 100 kph - the terrified chooks jammed into vile cages and their feathers tortured by the windshear.
    If city people saw the chemicals that farmers put in and on the livestock - You would NOT eat the flesh of these animals, who pump adrenalin in the slaughterhouse, right into that flesh you cook.

    There are dairy industry chemicals which boast that the cow can be milked as early as 21 days after application - do you trust them?
    Read The Weekly Times and die of shock.
    yrs truly, a vegetarian.

  4. I certainly hope so Brownie.

    Dina, I believe our farm animals do have some protection from cruelty. Of course they all feel pain. As a consumer, what happens to produce animal products concerns and troubles me.

    Pleased to hear you are a vegetarian Ann. Transport of livestock is a quite visible form of cruelty. I have always thought it was cruel.

  5. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Waiting for the day when the animal kingdom will exact revenge on mankind.

  6. Times like this I believe in 'an eye for an eye'.

  7. F'ken c**t, should be gelded.

  8. gelded?
    I would be happy to do it
    but is not necessary
    as Men who have them
    Do Not hurt defenceless creatures.

  9. And if the animal kingdom doesn't, Earth will.

    Raelene, Jayne and MS, so you seem to agree that a three year ban from owning pets is a wee bit inadequate. I thank you.

  10. What a mongrel bastard he is. How could anyone be so cruel to an innocent animal? There needs to be a special hell for mugs like him and I am sure god has something ready waiting and bloody hot.


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