Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robson Green

R's sister back in the north of UK went to the wedding of her husband's niece. I have no idea why, but the actor Robson Green also attended the reception with his parents. I do know he was born in the nearby village of Hexham, a place we liked very much and spent much time there. While R's sister is known for her glamour and slightly tarty style, she is not known for her temperance.

She decided it was a great idea to serenade Robson with Lady in Red. No idea why that song either. The staff of the venue told her that her behaviour was inappropriate and that she must desist, which I suppose she did.

Meanwhile, another sister of R's is marrying the bloke who when were visiting, keyed her car and slashed a tyre or two. R says it was something I said that aggravated him on our first night when a party was held to welcome us. I have little memory of it except getting sunburnt again, as I did in London. Flashback. I didn't say something to him about her strong feelings for her ex did I? Oh dear. Best forgotten.

Meanwhile yet another sister continues to feed her grandchildren all manner of terrible food, chips, biscuits, lollies. It never stops. Wonder if the kiddies have ever sat down to three vegetables and meat and been made to eat it?

Families are a wonderous thing.


  1. Jahteh will want a more fulsome report on the appealing
    (we don't know why, but he has 'it')
    Mr Green, with less emphasis on the bride's aunt.
    All high-profile people live in constant fear of well-meaning 'fans'.

  2. I used to have all his singles before I started drooling...err..appreciating his acting talent. He scores brownie points as his character was definitively diagnosed as having Asperger's, none of this namby-pamby 'is he or isn't he' vague suggestive tripe like some other "eccentric" tv characters.
    Doesn't matter what you or anyone said to the tool he chose to behave the way he did.

  3. Well, FG, I wish I could say I would hate fame, but I cannot.

    He doesn't grab me hugely Jayne. He is ok.

  4. I'm fascinated by your large family connections (and those of some of my friends).

    My family consists of me and my mother...then there is zip. I sometimes wish I had a sibling or two but it wasn't to be and as I have no offspring I am the end of the line.

  5. "Families are a wonderous thing."..and then some, LOL.
    last night we bought our kids some fast food for the first time in ages and ages...they were excited, and stunned... and well, they were also hungry an hour later:(
    I know I would rather they go to bed with a full tummy of good food..and perhaps a treat or two every other day.

  6. Victor, I could reply with a flippant gay style comment, but no, I am fortunate. Sister and her girlfriend made a big difference to out family connection, for the good. Tradie brother separating from his wife and getting a girl friend gave us some focus, as did their son going to live in Glasgow. Step Father dying means we kiddies are now responsible for our ageing mother. But before that, it was all very much obligation. I have cousins who I have met only once many years ago. They are children of my very hot uncle, well he was hot when I was young. My mother must have thought he was hot too, since he is the father of one of my brothers. Really though, R and I are close to my sister now because of Little Jo. If she had not arrived, family would just be an obligation and not much pleasure. Apart from the mentioned not known cousins, our name could well die out. You don't have aunts or uncles? None to carry on your family name? You made me think about family, so I thanks.

  7. Cazzie, maybe they ate too much and stretched their stomachs. I can feel hungry not too long after eating a big meal.