Sunday, August 16, 2009

Real Estate Agents again

The late Dame M's house sold today. I expect the bulldozers will arrive quite promptly. The house is of no great merit, just very large and comfortable. Dame M said it was previously owned by a rabbi and his seven ugly daughters before she and her husband brought it up to scratch in the seventies.

The early advertising suggested upwards of 1.2 mill, subsequently changed to 1.3 upward. Would you believe it sold for 1.91 million!

Oh, look who the agents are, Hocking Stuart again. They are either incompetent at judging prices, so I would not employ them, or they are liars, and so I would not employ them.

Real estate agents, law unto themselves.


  1. Sad a bit of history will be gone. 1.91m Mil you say, wow, what to do with that?

  2. Indeed Cazzie. She was a glue that kept 'her gang' all together too. As time goes on, we are slowly drifting apart. The Boarder is to get 25% but the will is still in dispute.

  3. Anonymous8:37 am

    Real Estate agents and car salesmen you just can't trust em. Always feel like you are getting ripped off by them. Scum of the earth they are my dea fellow.

  4. The best ones are the ones who don't make you feel ripped off, but of course you still are.