Monday, August 17, 2009

Rattling Trams

Trams rattling past seems to be how it is said. Perhaps it is a bit of a hangover from W class tram which were quite noisy and did rattle. Nowadays, trams still make a racket, but a different noise, sometimes a screech as they round corners.

Scott stayed in a city hotel and mentioned that the noise from the trams below disturbed his sleep. He has my sympathy but I live on a very busy tram line and they don't worry me at all. I find them comforting. When I wake in the morning and faintly hear the trams passing, (no double glazing, but thick glass and well sealed windows) I know that Melbourne has not been blown up, we have not been nuked by the Russians, the Palestinian/Jewish problem has not escalated to the point where Muslims have blown up the synagogue opposite, our part foreign owned utility companies have given a return to their shareholders so our city still has electricity. Best of all, I know I have not died in my sleep. Yes, quite comforting. Another day begins.

When Z class trams were introduced to Melbourne in the 1970s, politicians complained about the noise they made as the rounded the corners from Bourke Street into Spring Street. So ameliorative work was done to the tracks.

When D class were introduced to Melbourne, the residents of the apartment complex at the corner of Canterbury Road and Fitzroy Street, St Kilda complained about the noise the Combino trams made as they rounded the corner into the light rail reservation. Some ameliorative work was done.

The works were probably un-necessary. Eventually new tram wheels and old tram tracks agree to get along and the excessive noise dissipates. Must have been someone very influential in the apartments in St Kilda to get the government to spend at least tens of thousands of dollars on track work.

Mother lives near Princes Highway and she used to complain about the noise of traffic at night and then Pakenham was bypassed by a freeway and she complained she missed the sound of the traffic.

We humans are a moaning old lot aren't we. Just what you get used to I suppose, although I never quite got used to the noise of the first Alamein train when we lived near the railway line. Imagine if you lived near a zoo and were woken by lions roaring. I would sit bolt upright I think.


  1. I moved from the country to Altona..Westona actually..and well, the refineries (spell check plse) were so noisy for the first few weks, and then I got used to the sound.
    When I had babies, I began to wake up at the drop of a hat. The first midwife I had said to me, "there is no rest for the wicked"..boy I could neck her, LMAO.
    It is human nature to have a whinge.. and just as a 90yr old lady said to me today, "No gooda growling, nobody listens"..hehe.

  2. Used to live near a corner where the pig trucks for Castlemaine Bacon would stop and the squealing of thousands of ham on the hoof soon blended into the night sounds let me tell you!

  3. On the human race and it's propensity to complain:
    As a rule a man's a fool,
    When it's hot, he wants it cool,
    When it's cool he wants it hot,
    Always wanting what is not.

    Tram and traffic noise falls into the same category, I'm sure.

    As for me. I can't wait to get the fuck off a busy road and into calm, quiet, serene, Clifton Hill

  4. I think you do get used to it Cazzie. I suppose the first baby is the one you wake up for the most.

    Lol Jayne. Squealing pigs. No matter how regular, I think they would wake me.

    Some parts of CH are quiet no doubt Mutant. I still intend to investigate.

  5. As a child and into my early teens we lived in a flat in the Eastern suburbs overlooking the harbour. Then we moved to a house in the mid western suburbs, nowhere near water, and for days I had trouble sleeping.

    For one thing I now heard dogs from neighbouring houses barking at night. The other difference was an eerie silence (other than dogs barking) which I realised after a few days was that I was no longer hearing the sound of cables rattling against masts on yachts in the bay.

    Now I live back in the east on a busy road and have traffic noise including sirens right through the night and it doesn't worry me a bit.

  6. Cables rattling on masts sounds wonderful Victor. I love sounds like that. As a kid in the country, we listened to dingoes howling at night, a very mournful sound. But now, like you, traffic and sirens.

  7. Anonymous8:20 am

    You will have something else to complain about in a few years Andrew when ya bones starta rattling....:)

  8. And complain bitterly I shall.


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