Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our new ticket system has not even started yet, but it is not uncommon to see a ticket scanning machine out of order. Bit of a worry when they go out of order without ever being used.

I phoned the friendly team at Myki yesterday to enquire about the logistics of 40 people scanning off a tram and 50 scanning on at the same stop. The question must have been asked already as the response was well rehearsed. Multiple doorways, multiple scanners, takes no time at all lalalala.

We shall see.


  1. the Myki machine at my station was smashed to smithereens not long ago. I'm ambivalent about the introduction of this system, but it seems the vandals are keen to cause a bit of destruction!

  2. the software crashes frequently resulting in a free ride.
    During the first weeks the timetable went to hell and never came back.
    the drivers were constantly on the 2-way to HQ re their GPS thingy - which looks like the controls of Starship Enterprise.
    Dippy people alighting, BEGIN to look for their card after vehicle has arrived at the stop, blocking egress by others.
    Went the traveller's swipe is incorrect, the scanner hyperventilates and we all wait for the little light to change colour before a second swipe can be made.
    and months after introduction, a large number of travellers are still buying the more costly 2-hour tix.
    plus ca change, et Bon Voyage

  3. Anonymous8:55 pm

    As Fenz said, hubby has pics of many of these machines smashed to smithereens already...bloody unreal!

  4. The govt's own study concluded it will delay trams.

  5. I am ambivalent too Fenz. It works elsewhere, but elsewhere does not always have trams.

    FG, it mostly sounds like teething problems and people getting used to the system. Hope I don't sound like someone from Myki HQ, but it works fine elsewhere on buses. It should be quicker getting on a bus if everyone has a card to scan.

    Cazzie, a lot of vandalism happened in the early days of our present system, but it seemed to settle down.

    Daniel, I must have missed that piece or forgotten. Only a few seconds delaying by a trial group, who presumably knew exactly what they were doing and orderly. Not quite like the real world. Also seems to be an assumption that everyone validates as they board now. I will forecast major delays initially but reducing in time but not back to the present point.

  6. Meanwhile in NSW we wait...and...wait...and...wait for our long promised transport card.

  7. Victor, your T Card will be a Z Card by the time it arrives. See SMH is stirring some water on public transport.

  8. Await reports from my Friday visits to the Vic Market.

    Trolleys, school groups, tourists (overseas and local rurals), families lost on the way to the Childrens' Hospital, in tram buskers ...

    Gotta be a bunfight.

    (I'm willing to be convinced otherwise, but breath holding is not my long suit.)

  9. Can't wait for that one.

  10. 150 people exiting a single tram at Flinders St Station in the evening peak heading home. Say the current exit time per passenger is represented by 'X'. This is without any scanning off time.

    Now having each and every one of those diligent passengers scanning off will create 'X+Y', with Y representing the increased time due to this new procedure. Even if it's less than half a second, multiply Y by 150 and you'll end up with extra time. The number of doors or scanning units has no bearing on this! It may work well on buses and trains, but trams will bear the brunt of this!

  11. System crashed again today so my ride was free second consecutive day.
    Free public transport is what I have always insisted is cheaper than the costs of ticketing, and this seems to be it.

  12. But Rob, Myki staff assure me there will be minimal delay. Who am I to believe? Surely not front line staff?

  13. MS, we won't respect the system if we don't pay, haha. Like we do.

  14. Why has everything got to be so damn mechanised...where will people work?

  15. MC, it was nice see a lot more staff around Sydney's PT system than in Melbourne.