Saturday, August 29, 2009

New target for Jussy

Here you go Planning Minister Justin Madden. When you have finished with demolishing Art Deco buildings, you can start on Victorian Italianate. This one is in Acland Street, St Kilda. It is an ideal retail site with plenty of passing foot traffic and high population density. I am thinking perhaps a Dan Murphys grog shop.

Here is snip from Melbourne Heritage web site in reference to a public question time of the Minister.

Perhaps you could ask him what happened to the Eastern Arcade; why he authorised the demolition of the heritage listed Telegraph Offices on Little Bourke Street; why he overturned heritage listings to gut an art deco carpark (Melbourne’s oldest) on Little Collins Street; why he ignored Heritage Victoria and the National Trust and approved the demolition of Lonsdale House; why he has allowed towers to breach the height limits of heritage overlay areas or what his plans he has in store for the iconic Windsor Hotel on Spring Street.

Just waiting for your wrecking balls Jussy.

Seriously, no I was being serious, but what a stunning building!


  1. Not sure if I posted about it on my blog..I am sure I was going to, but then I was working nights and well, who knows...anyway. They are going to be wrecking the old Royal Dental Hospital across from work. Whelan the Wrecker has been called in to do it. Of course, that is appropriate with all that asbestos..a "class B demolition". Peter Mac is going to be erected there, and a walk bridge across to RMH built (Grattan Street) so to transfer patients over for radio and chemo and appointments etc etc.
    I remember seeing the old nurses quarters demolished a few years back, which gave way for the new Royal Womens Hospital. It was awesome to see that wrecking ball in action. In hindsight perhaps I ought not have sat there to eat my lunch on the steps of Chelsea House and watch this spectacle. Asbestos..mesothelioma..yeah..anyway.
    The only time I don't like seeing that wrecking ball in action is when it is a building of signifigance... I wish the stupids would leave the nice old establishments alone.. ya just can't help dumb, lol.

  2. Port Macquarie is one of the older settled towns in Australia 1821 I think and a penal settlement. There is about one historical building left and thats the old courthouse...all the rest are gone and the town boasts some of the ugliest public buildings imaginable... I look at the work in the old buildings in Sydney and Melbourne, the patterned ceilings and the whorls and scrolls and detail and you have to wonder why everything is so ugly now.

  3. As planning minister Justin the Giraffe is a great ex AFL footballer.

    Madden is to the maintenance of Melbourne heritage is as Peter Garotte is to the environment.

    To steal from and rejig Dante ... and appropriately from his 'Divine Comedy'.

    "Politics. All who enter here, abandon all principles."

  4. Cazzie, unlike most of what governments do, demolishing buildings can't be reversed. That is why I feel so strongly about the matter. Brickwork suffering from the swinging ball must be great to see.

    That is sad about Port MC. Some new building can be good, but I too love the detail of work in many of the old.

    I dunno LS. They seem beholden to someone or something.

  5. After all those wonderful heritage buildings have been demolished, you end up with "just another city" with no identity...

    That's a beautiful house you got in that there picture.

  6. Me, some thought the battle over old building was won a couple of decades ago. Certainly has not. I have walked past that house a few times and only just really noticed how grand and nice it is.


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