Monday, August 10, 2009

A new appliance

The old hand held vac has never been great. The batteries now only last a minute before the motor starts to slow. The last straw was when the stupid clip holding the separate halves together broke and I had to sticky tape the unit together.

We had been watching stocktaking sales but there was never a decent unit on sale. R wanted to buy one regardless, but I held out. A week or so ago, I was passing Retravision in Chapel Street and they had a massive sale advertised. I found this little beauty reduced from $99 to $69. It has plenty of weight, indicating it has a heavy motor and or good batteries. It sucks very well. Unlike the old one that had to be pulled apart to empty it, and the cloth bag inside cleaned and sometimes washed, the grey flap on the new one at the top lifts, and you stick the nozzle of your big vacuum cleaner into it and it sucks it clean.

We are very pleased with it and mounting on the wall beside the dryer only led to a little perspiration. It has a pretty blue charge indicator light too. Such things always impress me.


  1. I'm still in the dust pan and brush phase of evolution :P
    Did I mention I also wash by hand...?

  2. When you mentioned a new appliance I had a different battery-operated device in mind. Still, whatever makes you happy I suppose, suction is suction after all.

    Persoanlly I'm happy to get down on my hands and knees and do it the old fashioned way. With a dustpan and brush, just like Jayne, you filthy mongerel - lets try and keep it out of the gutter, huh?

  3. Nice sucker. Looks like it would make a great night light or party piece.

    In my house we only have a dustpan and bush as well.

  4. Bet you don't wash much by hand Jayne.

    Filthy mongrel is apt Mutant. There is a reason why I like you.

    Dustpans aren't much use on carpet Ben. Sadly it is not really a thing to show off to guests. But I will quickly show it to house guests.

  5. i'm back to hand washing too - no washing machine :( Very tedious.

    Blue lights sell it for me every time, I'm a sucker for a nice blue light :P

  6. Washing machine only spin dries, Andrew, everything is by hand (keep it clean! lol).

  7. All these people hand washing. How odd.

  8. Thats one neat unit Andrew! Now, does it suck real good or what? (Said Kylie Mole style, LMAO)

  9. Sucks rule gud Cazzie.