Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot Tube

I have caught two ads on tv lately that grabbed me. Unfortunately they were nearly over before I tuned in and I have not seen them again. Both play on stereotypes of our perceptions of the US and UK.

The first I really only caught the end of, but a couple of picnickers are asked directions by an American tourist. The guy replies in a strong Aussie accent, 'sorry mate, we don't speak English'. The American tourist says, 'ok, thanks anyway' and departs. Something like that anyway.

The other I think was for cheap air flights to the UK. At the end of the ad, the woman jumps into the supermarket freezer and says that she is just acclimatising herself, presumably for her visit to the UK. I suppose both ads are amusing. I didn't really laugh.

But believe me, if you intend travelling on the Tube in London, you are better to get into an oven to acclimatise yourself than a freezer.

The heat in London's underground train system is a well known problem. It is not just The Underground as it is just as hot, if not hotter, in the trains themselves. Certainly so in summer, when we visited. I found it very uncomfortable. Just remembered, I think I have mentioned t this before. Oh well, another take on it.

The trains are not air conditioned, although some new air conditioned trains are on their way. Some lines have such tight tunnel clearances that many heads cannot work out how to add air con units which won't foul the tunnels. There are no plans that I know of to air condition stations, although improved ventilation is being looked at.

I came across this nifty little map by The Times showing the temperatures in the Tube on a hot day. They are hot even by our standards.


  1. Sounds like they should find a way to cool the actual tunnels rather than the trains. All they need to do is work out a way to efficiently cool a large volume of air and then use the trains to push it around.

  2. Too simple Ben. I remember that quite a large volume of air is pushed along. More than in our Loop system. Have to watch out for the Wynyard tunnel tram effect though. Hats blowing off as trains passed on other tunnels.

  3. Thats it...I'm not going to London...

  4. But MC, you live in a pretty warm part of our country.


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