Sunday, August 16, 2009

Geocities Closing

I have a Geocities website. It is about to be shut down along with all Geocities websites. I just grabbed some photos of me from my website. I am old man now and Vik will confirm there is little connection between the photos and me now. The photos are from the early nineties. So long ago. Life was so different then.

Given that I don't look like these photos anymore, I suppose there is no harm in showing you what I used to look like before I became a fat old man.

Bad hangover at Turtle Cove (changed my mind. Photo deleted)

In Sydney. Really bad bushfires happening. Note Harry Highpants.

Bugger orf R. Don't bother me with camera.

I think this was for a website. I suppose the original with face is around somewhere.

Mardi Gras outfit. Really bad hair bleach job. Why were my knees orange? Ah, yeah, remember now. (changed my mind. Photo deleted)

At home in Balaclava.


  1. Anonymous12:22 am

    Yep, definitely not the Highriser I know and love!!! Vik.

  2. Hey, no fair - you can't delete them just because you don't like the look of them, particularly if you don't even look like that anymore. I'll be on standyby until they come through to my inbox, okay. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. Oh and feel free to include something reacent/something nude too if you like!

  3. Aw, thanks Vik.........hang on?

    Perfectly fair Mutant. Maybe later.

  4. You've got big feet.

  5. The bigger the feet, the smaller the penis.

    So I'm told.

    Prove me wrong.

  6. Yep Jah Teh, a large shoe size. Big ears too.

    Shave and douche Andy, and I might show you what pain is.

  7. You look good. I'm sure I would have risked orange knees for someone with those looks. :-)

  8. Re-ow! :) You were a hot young thang!

  9. Thanks Dina. No one really likes there own photos much. I don't. There are just some that are not so bad.

    Did Victor, did. I'll have a few drinks one night, get brave and publish the missing ones.

    Still are Raelene, except it doesn't show on the outside. Gay men and str8 women have one thing in common apart from the obvious. We reach a certain age and become invisible.

  10. Boy-oh-boy, those black leather pants are something!

  11. LMAO at Jah Teh..cheeky bugger!
    I am pleased to see these pics Andrew. I like placing my pics from the 80s and 90s to remind myself of how I was, and perhaps give me further incentive to work towards a slimmer me. By no means does it mean a skinny me, just an acceptable healthy me. My favourite age was 16, and then I guess 21ish.. I was fit then, dancing and exercising and working. Not as much dancing now..I must add that into my plan.. dancing :)
    (runs off.."honeyyy..I am going out to The Peel..seeya!)

  12. Daisy, they were very tight. I sold them to a friend. He is quite petite and although not tight on him, they sat very nicely.

    Cazzie, Jahteh is full of worldly wisdom but also wickedness. Take any notice of her at our peril. Oh, and you can't go back. It would never be the same.

  13. Anonymous8:44 am

    I didn't realise the Harbour Bridge was around in your day Andrew?......hehehe.

    I see those housing commission units with the million dollar views were around in your time.

    Are the eighties and ninties great decades with lots of fond memories.

  14. No, I was not a rivet boy on the bridge. Funnily I have a housing commission post in the wings which probably applies to Sydney too.

  15. yay i like old reminiscing pics, shame i missed out on the removed ones. Ah well. You remind me of a friend of mine in the UK, kinda sorta maybe...

  16. Fenz, they just depress me.


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