Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Front Approaches

We were warned of a strong front arriving yesterday. It was not the most spectacular one I have seen, but it is the only one I have taken photos of. Inside the highrise, I would not have known about it without looking out the window but the air con knew and went from warming for a minute or so and shutting off to running constantly, such was the temperature drop. I noticed a few plastic bags shooting high into the sky too. A neighbour later mentioned he was in a South Melbourne street and was nearly blown over. Tony, camera in hand, was chasing rubbish bins around. Sometimes a strong wind change is noticeable in the highrise, but this one wasn't.

A spot of sunshine on the bay ahead of the squally wind change.

Just arriving. Wind has picked up.

Large whitecaps on the waves.

Very gloomy and wet now.


  1. my front door blew open. It has never latched shut (unless you lock it) and it was rather disturbing to have it fly open! My yard also filled up with leaves and rubbish. Grrr!

  2. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Awesome pics andrew! Cazzie

  3. Fenz, your door. I am alarmed. Some hunk could walk in a have his wicked way with you.

    Thanks Cazzie.

  4. I left melbourne just before it began but it was a very windy day...I took a shot of Albert Lake (its on my blog) and it looked pretty wild...there were people actually jogging in this weather...mad as cut snakes

  5. MC, nothing stops an Albert Park jogger. They are a breed apart.