Monday, August 24, 2009

Ejicating Meself

You can come along for the ride too. Correct me where you will.

High Commission: An embassy of one British Commonwealth country to another, normally in the country's capital city. So for us in Australia, that would be Canberra. We would have a High Commission in London and say Wellington in New Zealand. God save the red bits on the globe.

Embassy: A diplomatic mission in the capital city of a foreign country. Same as above. Embassies in Canberra. We would have an Embassy in Washington and Paris.

Consulate: A branch of an embassy or high commission found in major cities. So we have high commissions and embassies in Canberra and consulates in big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. I expect we would have a Consulate in New York.

Ambassador: A diplomat of the highest rank. So he or she would be in Canberra. We would have an Ambassador to the United States or to France.

High Commissioner: He or she would be the same as an Ambassador but in Commonwealth countries. High Commissioner in London. High Commissioner in New Delhi.

Consul or Consul General: A senior diplomat at a consulate. Consul General would be the senior diplomat at a consulate.

Did I leave anything out? And no, I am not adding the self explanatory honorary consul or the lord high commissioner.


  1. There are also Missions. Organizations like the U.N and W.H.O.- Australia has representations that are called missions. Ambassadors head these missions. All the rest, Embassies/Consuls, I believe are called posts.

    Embassies/High Commissions are normally diplomatic appointees, with the exception of London and Washington, the ambassador/high commissioner is (supposedly) free from politics or political alignment, they are diplomatic, they work for the government whoever is in power. Most Consul Generals are political appointees, usually business type folk or ex politicians with links to the party in power.

    So a Consul General hasn't generally had a diplomatic career(but the deputy would have) but a Ambassador/High Commissioner usually has had a career working for foreign affairs or other government departments.
    I'm not sure that a consul office is a branch of an embassy/high commission,? they are possibly both branches of DFAT back in Australia.

    Embassies/High commissions are how governments talk to each other, Consul Generals are generally for business. So I am believing. Am happy to be corrected!

  2. F'k it, I'm nominating myself to be High Lady Muck, Queen of The Universe when Lizzie drops off the twig.

  3. Nicely fleshed out Ian. You are well informed.

    Okies Jayne. Quite happy for that to happen. Liz is looking a little tired nowadays.

  4. Thanks for that... I sort of knew but you put it all together well


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