Monday, August 17, 2009


Costco has done very well hyping everyone up about their new store, inconveniently located at Docklands. First we had bathroom tissue for toilet paper and now perhaps our Herald Sun is being a bit lazy and pasting slabs of press release into their newspaper. Our cars travel on tyres, not tires. Cultural sensitivity chaps and chapesses.

Costco boasts 3600 product lines of all descriptions for all parts of the home, inside and out. You can change your tires, buy a beer, slip into some Calvin Klein jeans, enjoy a coffee and a hotdog or purchase a prepared meal to take home.

Due to a lack of success, we have given up on changing the world, so it is the little things in life that get up the noses of grumpy old men and women.

Now I am so looking forward to this evening's tv news. The exercise is to match the amount of tv advertising to the coverage of the opening in the news.

Later Edit: Herald Sun has now changed tires to tyres.


  1. My first question was "Why did they put it at Docklands?" It still puzzles me in a way. I thought that it would have been better off next to the Ring Road somewhere, easy access from a Freeway, easy exit onto a Freeway aswell. Easy being the operative word :)

  2. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Actually it is RIGHT off the freeway exit. I live near Greensborough and it is freeway all the way. I think they wanted the first one to be central.

  3. Pfft, Give me the old Yellow Pages as bog role any day.... :P

  4. Just occurred to me Cazzie, and I don't know if there is available land, but what about where the DFO store is at Bulla Road? Seems perfect to me.

    Anon, central it may be, but does it feel accessible? Not to me.

    Horrible days Jayne. Some modern things are very good. It was pink pages in my time. Pink pages brings up different thoughts now.

  5. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Hopefully, being Pig Ignorant of what remains of our Kulture,it will fail miserably. Besides, Docklands? - Andrew, you are the ONLY person I know who lives there, or indeed has anything positive to say about the dreary place...

  6. Michael, splutter splutter. I don't live anywhere near Docklands, Cocklands, Divorcelands. I am not keen on the place at all. See the picture at the top of my blog? That was taken from our balcony. Hardly Docklands.

  7. Andrew... where the DFO site perfect for sure! People want easy access and easy get away..well, I do and that is for sure. I like to get in and get out quick when it is to do with shopping. I try to brouse the catalogues with a planned list prior to going. Cross off the list and I am out of there :)

  8. Got chatting to a bloke at the South Melb Safeway last night - he had just been to check out the Costco and and reported that beer and wine prices were HIGHER than at the Safeway. I suspect that Costco doesn't offer bargains on standard size items - the great bargains are the bulk items we have heard about all over "news" items eg 4kg jars of mayo; slabs of toilet paper etc. With that in mind, Docklands does seem an odd location - we inner city dwellers tend not to have garages, spare rooms, huge pantries etc to stock up and store in bulk.
    Regardless, they clearly have a great PR team -- all that free publicity and hype and queues of people at the opening yesterday.

  9. Cazzie, I'll come shopping with you anytime.

    And Altissima, as per Daniel's post, if you watch specials in ordinary supermarkets, I doubt you would save that much a tCostco. And yes, no huge freezer here with half a cow in it or sacks of rice.

  10. That would be great! I would rather spend my time at a cafe or something than wandering through the aisles of a store shopping for the pantry items. The only place I do take my time would be at the Vi Market, when I have time. I love it there :)
    I am glad the paper changed tires to tyres btw..public outcry perhaps?