Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come on

I am fond of saying when people rush to judgment about court case results and sentencing, well, did you hear all that was presented at court? I didn't, so I am not sure I am in a position to judge. Of course privately I probably agree with them. But we have to have some respect for our society and laws and our judicial system.

But gosh it is hard at times.

I'll start with the minor one first. I suppose it is minor. A bloke severely clubs a dog to the point where it had to put down because of the horrific injuries. The dog belonged to the the bloke's girlfriend's son, although I see that as irrelevant. He received a gaol term, but upon appeal, he is now free. Is there anything really to say?

Animals are one thing, human life is perhaps slightly more important.

An Indian national, a student here in Melbourne, mows down two innocent guys, killing one and severely injuring the other. The driver was travelling at 150kph in a 60kph zone and had a blood alcohol reading of more than three times the limit. He pleaded and guilty and was awaiting sentencing. It would seem his friend gave him his passport and the guilty one has bolted back to India. Do we have an extradition treaty with India? I don't think so. He is safe, meanwhile his passport lending friend has been locked up and has not applied for bail. Fool he is too.

I was puzzling a bit about this when I first heard that the Indian lad had bolted, especially about our passport control. It took R to give me clarity of thought.

Given the driver pleaded guilty of killing someone and was only awaiting sentencing, which clearly would be a gaol term, why was he out on bail?

I hope a magistrate is sleeping uneasily tonight.


  1. They have been speaking of this subject on 3aw this am. Also, the Lockerbie bomber release..far out! If the World ain't screwed up enough already!

  2. Watching pay tv and they have proper jail sentences for those who hurt animals in USA, UK, South Africa, etc. Those who hurt animals have a disposition to being a sociopath and hurting/killing fellow humans; some specialists feel there are many undiagnosed sociopaths who are able to mask their behaviour and go undetected except for them practicing on innocent animals.
    This is an early warning system, of sorts, and dismissing this brutality with piddly slaps on the wrist is to appear to give permission to other borderline sociopaths to treat both animals and fellow humans as less than nothing.
    One bloke battered a dog to death while drunk, a drunk left his de facto to bleed to death.
    Alcohol removing the inhibitions or merely an excuse?

  3. Anonymous1:51 pm

    "Animals are one thing, human life is perhaps slightly more important."

    Says who?

  4. Cazzie, the Lockerbie bomber release was extraordinary. Unbelievable.

    Jayne, while alcohol can certainly free up inhibitions, it can't be excuse for sheer evil behaviour. That comes from within.

    I hesitated when I wrote that Anon but given I eat meat, I can't be too holier than thou.