Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cataract Gorge

We had to drop some ordered wine in to our dyke friends' place at the weekend. They had a visitor there from north western Tasmania. We did not stay long, but chatted for a short time with the Tasmanian lass. She assured me that the drought in Tasmania is now history, with widepread heavy rainfall.

We just loved Cataract Gorge, just a few minutes from the centre of Launceston in the north of Tasmania. Like in the stylish or stylised photo below by stephenk1977, I remember the waters in the gorge as being very placid.

The recent rains proved it is not always the case. See the raging torrent pouring through the gorge here at Launceston Daily Photo.


  1. What a peaceful, calming photo to gaze at...could see it blown up poster size and plastered across a feature wall in an office to de-stress the workers.
    Or give them a holiday destination to aim for! :P

  2. Anonymous5:31 pm

    More techy trivia - Cataract Gorge was the site of the worlds first hydr0-electric power station, Launceston had electric street lights - another world first. Thomas Edison himself came out to officially open t. Was swept away in a giga flood in ???? - but remains can still be seen...

  3. I recall Dina. You did not wax lyrical about it. It looks quite special in flood.

    Tassie is somewhat of an undiscovered place of bliss Jayne. I just loved it. Bugger going north.

    Michael, tick. I learnt some of that when we were there. Saw the Duck Reach Power Station remains too. Lonny had a decent tram system too.

  4. Andrew, thanks for the links there. Both people have some amazing talent when it comes to the use of the camera.
    The image on your post inspires me to get out my derwents and sketch it. Breath taking it is.

    That would look nice on a wine label btw :)

  5. Cazzie, some people have very expensive photographic equipment and I concede, a good eye too. The point of photos for me is a record of history, be it a landscape, people, buildings or your own feet.

  6. How beautiful that is


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