Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Thwack of Willow

I need to know this stuff. ABI Brother is to soon visit UK and attend a couple of Ashes tests. It is an organised tour, hosted by a retired cricket player. Between tests they visit Turkey and see Gallipoli and also have a week's free time in England. He and his mate will visit Nephew in Glasgow and then on to Edinburgh and St Andrews for golf. ABI Brother is exhibiting signs of stress at the moment. I think it is about the holiday.

So, I am boning up on cricket in the UK.

Lords: Western side of Regent's Park in St John's Wood Road. Boring cricket, take a walk in the park.

Brit Oval (The Oval): Cross Vauxhall Bridge to the south bank. Can't miss it.

Edgbaston: Birmingham, in the middle, stop off at Coventry on the way and check out where my old Humber came from.

Headingley: Leeds, in the middle up top, but not too far up. One of the Mountain Women we know comes from nearby Huddersfield.

Trent Bridge: Nottingham, kinda a bit east around the middle bit. Look, there's Grantham where Thatcher grew up. Grocer shop indeed. Be on the look out for nasty sheriff. I'd deck 'im. Leave cute Robin alone.

Old Trafford: Manchester, a bit west, closest to Brian. You'll have a gay old time in Manchester. Can I find a wide canal in Canal Street?

Here is an old drawing of the lovely grandstands at Trent Bridge from


  1. I'd love to do one of those tours - but I'd want to sit away from any self-consciously Australian cricket goers.

  2. Lad Litter is, of course, A THwack Of Leather-On-Willow Tragic.

    It sounds just lovely and I am sure Bro will cope and enjoy.

  3. Lad, it will be interesting to see what his fellow travellers were like. I would guess they take their cricket seriously and probably not ...whatever.

    MS, clearly my proof reader let me down. I will go and alter it now.

  4. 'The Thwack of Willow'

    Cricket, the career for those who were turned down for the navy, and so instead of rum, buggery and the lash, they had to settle for VB, total bugger up and the thwack.