Monday, July 06, 2009

Sydney Day 5

This day was not highly planned. On my mind was to catch the tram, sorry, light rail vehicle, to Lilyfield and return. The rest would be something nearby to or at Darling Harbour.

We walked down Liverpool Street to the World Square monorail station. The token vending machines had gone and there was a decent queue at the ticket seller's window. The seller had not seen my $5 off the $15 daily monorail/tram discount voucher from the Museum of Sydney before. It required a telephone call before he accepted it. R paid for his daily concession. Riding the monorail is quite fun, not that I approve of it ever being built.

We alighted at Paddy's Market and waited for the tram to Lilyfield. This is very quaint. There is someone on board to take your money and issue a ticket. I wonder how that would work on Melbourne's trams?

The conductor soon got off the tram and another boarded. He took R's money for a day ticket and started giving R back a heap of small change. R started giving him a hard time, and honestly the guy really did not seem to know what he was doing. Coins were swapped for notes.

The tram goes through plenty of tunnels and along a viaduct. The route is an old goods train line and there is talk of extending the route further along the old goods line.

We alighted at the terminus and took a look around at absolutely nothing. I do recall that Norton Street was not far away, a street with Italian restaurants, but it was too early yet to be thinking of food.

The most exciting thing we could see was tracks running off into long grass and imagining the tram just accidentally sailing along into the grass. This photo is cheating a bit. There is a barrier to stop the tram behind where I was standing.

We caught the next tram back. Snapped a nice view of Anzac Bridge. As you can see, the sun does not always shine in Sydney.

R had mentioned getting off at Star City Casino but seemingly had gone off the idea. I hate Star City, so that was fine with me. We went back to Paddy's Market and had a look around. It was like all markets of its size except there wasn't really any food stalls. We took the tram back to Darling Harbour and found somewhere to eat and have coffee. We sat near the edge of the harbour whereby people insisted on feeding seagulls. Millions seemed to come from no where and then the people got scared of there being so many. Serve them right as it rather spoiled the ambience.

We came across this bloke doing wonderful things with bubbles. The kids just loved it.

I had kind of crossed Powerhouse Museum off my list as we were running out of time, but R was keen enough to see it, so onto the tram to Powerhouse. Parts of the museum buidling is an old building where power was generated for Sydney's trams. The museum is first class and I would go so far as to say the best I have ever been in. We spent a couple of hours there but a couple of days would almost cover the whole museum. It is a great museum for kids too. A chatty volunteer guide guessed that we would not really be interested in women's fashions! and directed us to the more technical areas. We saw heaps of Australian inventions, some transport related things including NSW's first steam train, stationary steam engines, antique furniture, old jewellery... just so much stuff. There was a huge stationary steam enngine from a factory, but there wasn't a qualified steam engineer available that day to start it up. Unlike the one at our Spotswood Science Museum, this one still ran on steam.

We debated getting a cab back to the hotel, but instead caught the monorail to World Square and tiredly trudged up the Liverpool Street hill.

Dinner was at an excellent Indian restaurant in Oxford Street called Tandoori Palace and this was preceeded by a drink at Midnight Shift. The Shift had a very different layout to the last time I was there. We forewent the Indian restaurant offering goat.


  1. Great day again Andrew, nice pics, and I too love to see steam engines run, and have some lovely volunteer there to explain the workings and history of the thing.

  2. I'm a Sydney-sider but have never been on the monorail. I suppose I will travel on it eventually but I have no burning desire to break my duck where the monorail is concerned.

  3. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Actually goat curry is quite nice - I know not something you'd expect to hear from a vegetarian! When I was in Bangladesh (before I became a vego), I attended a feast held by a village elder. And on the menu was curried goat. Have to admit I felt very guilty when I discovered the goat had been killed in our honour...Vik.

  4. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Andrew, Andrew, Andrew (shakes head sadly). Is it NEVER too early to be thinking of food.

  5. The Powerhouse is high on my list if I ever get off my bum here in Vic ;)

  6. What I find with monorails is that they are almost always more exciting to look at than ride on.

    I love the Sydney light rail, although I find it a shame that it doesn't really go anywhere interesting.

    The Powerhouse Museum is pretty good. I've been there twice in the last year and still don't think I've seen everything.

  7. We saw a bubble guy like that in Hyde Park 2007. Jack was completely mesmerized.

    I've been on the monorail only once. I don't remember much. Speaking of...did you hear there was a monorail crash at Disney World?

    We were surprised that Paddy's Market didn't have more food stalls. We did get fruits and veggies to take home. And we bought some dried fruit. I don't remember seeing much meal type food though.

    It sounds like you guys really made the most of your time there.

  8. Cazzie, in spite of them sometimes bothering you when you don't want to be, they are usually very knowledgeable for something you are interested in, or even not interested in at times.

    Victor, as a local, you are entitled to boycott it. What I hear you say? It doesn't go where you want to go? Precisely.

    Well lunch then MD. We are big enough as it is.

    You would love it Jayne.

    Yes Ben, I get quite a kick out of seeing it appear from around a corner when you are in the street.
    The LRV needs to do some street running. Powerhouse is great.

    Dina, I was pretty mesmerized. Perhaps the same guy. I didn't hear about the Disney monorail accident. Will check it out later. Re Paddy's Market, our equivalent Victoria Market, maybe a bit bigger, has plenty of food to eat.

  9. Whoops, missed Vik. I am sure it is nice, but we are just not used to it. Of course now I have some ammo. What about the time you ate a poor little cute goat?

  10. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Goat Curry? They served Goat curry? The dirty, dirty bastards!!!

    Typical Labour Govt in Sydney couldn't get the monorail or light rail to run where people want them to run. Either one should be doing a complete loop of the city.

    Agree with you on The Powerhouse Museum - so much more interesting then the others. Seems more relevant to our past.

  11. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Damn! What was I thinking??? I should never allow such information to get into your hands! I'm doomed now to endless reprisals. Vik.

  12. My impression of Paddy's Market is that they took the Queen Victoria market or Adelaide Central Market and put it in an underground carpark, which is more or less what it is. Seems a very Sydney thing to do.

  13. Ah Anon, since when do users have a say in where public transport goes?

    Saved for special occasions Vik.

    Doesn't quite have the ambiance of Vik Market Ben, but the wind chill factor is much lower.