Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Private v Public

I am so angry, I can't even thing of a subject line. The Australian government, the Labor government, the party of and for the workers, is pouring money into private schools while government schools go wanting.

I just stepped out onto the balcony and aside from the huge building project that is happening at Melbourne Grammar, they have now floodlit another building. It is a beautiful old building and is worth floodlighting, even if it looks like a cardboard cutout from here.

Your office cleaner pays her tax. It is snatched from her pay as she is paid. She can't do skillful manipulations of the tax system.

I just see dollars after dollars being pumped into Melbourne Grammar and I know a lot of it comes from taxpayers, never mind your other cranky religious schools.

Don't fucking well tell me how good private education is. I know already. Funded by the poorest paid in our society. It is just so wrong.


  1. Poor people don't deserve an education.

  2. Yup, I could cry everytime my taxes are shown on my payslip..wishing they could go towards my kids' swimming, camps and!

  3. Ha!
    Labor is merely Liberal-Lite ; full of piss and wind and as effective as beige wallpaper on toast.

  4. Of course Reuben. Man the guns.

    Educated peasants have always been a dangerous prospect for the rich Andy.

    Cazzie, your job is very important on my scale of the world. You should be paid more than some manipulator of dollars.

    Liberal Lite Jayne. Very good.

  5. it's always been the way, no matter which government is in office. I agree with you 100% though.

  6. We couldn't possibly offer a fair and equal opportunity to everyone now, could we? Where the hell would all the politicians come from then?

  7. Loverboy.5:02 pm

    My sister Mad Lynette was adopted by graziers and later sent to board at Firbank Grammer in Brighton. She now owns twelve properties around Bairnsdale and has never had a beating from the police. Given the same ride Loverboy would now be prime minister or the pope.
    Private schools are the basis of Australia's class system. Prior to their establishment the toffs here sent their kids back to England for education, and some still do.
    Meanwhile I'd like to see figures on how many Labor politicians have their kids booked into a private school, I'm betting 90%.

  8. Fenz, perhaps recently, but it was quite different in the past.

    Ah Mutant, so young and so cynical.

    Interesting Loverboy. I would expect your private school estimate is correct, at the least for secondary education. If I had kids and I could afford it, I expect I would do the same.

  9. I was educated at said institution and I can tell you that I can't stand the private funding system that exists. Why these schools are given money whilst others are left to rot is beyond me. Sure, if everyone was at the same standard, but last time I checked, that was far from the case.

  10. Loverboy9:36 pm

    When it's pointed out principles could cost them money a lot of people suddenly shut up. If private schools were abolished those kids would then enter the state system causing a big increase in taxation, that's long been a goverment argument for giving aid to private schools, and I'd expect a Labor Goverment to say well if anyone wants an elite education for their kids they can damn well pay the lot. But there's been no Labor men since the radicals of the 1930s and that's a long time ago. People vote with their wallets.

  11. Loverboy10:19 pm

    Good heavens, I've just googled Firbank and found out Mrs Rudd went there. No wonder she's got so much dough.

    ha ha.


  12. Loverboy10:33 pm

    When I think of my millionaire sister herding all those pigs around the paddocks with her private school education I figure she took a wrong turn somewhere in marrying a drunk, but then her biological father was a drunk as well; seems there's some things private education can't knock out of you.

  13. Thanks Rob. I am not about offending anyone who did receive a private education.