Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The princely sum of $0

Bad luck you lowest paid workers. A government appointed authority says you are not getting a payrise.

It's the economy of course. We can't have you upsetting the economy with your unreasonable $21 per week demand.

It is argued that if you were given a pay rise, many workers would be put off. Not sure I think that is right.

But I don't understand economics very well.

What I do understand is that many of your bosses earn hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars a year and they say you can't have a lousy $21.

All decided by a panel who are probably on a few hundred thousand a year too.

Sharpen the guillotine Gillaume.


  1. Dian, you should hear the arguments trying to justify it. Outrageous.

  2. Anonymous1:30 pm

    How come logic doesn't tell these people at the top, it is they who are bleeding the economies and businesses with their outrageous incomes which cannot be sustained.

    Low income earners always do it ruff.

  3. Loverboy6:45 pm

    Hello suckers! This is your life.

  4. Anon, that is how I see it.

    Pretty well is LB.

  5. Wot you said - Ditto.
    Wot I think: IF there had been a blanket increase in pay, the gas, electric, phone and council raters would ALL think they could jack up their own charges, to soak up the punters extra income.
    Look at what the FirstHome Buyers Grant has done to real estate prices.

    Instead of raising wages, a strong govt needs to put the brakes on spiralling prices. A great deal of pricing is just pulled out of the air in a 'what the market will stand' technique. It's criminal.
    Glossy glamorous advertising doubles the price of too many things we all need to buy.
    Consider why a soft-cover folio size book is $55, but a phone directory, essentially identical, is handed out free.
    *stalks off muttering*