Saturday, July 11, 2009

On a Big Rock

When I go into a church, providing there are no thunder claps or the doors do not slam in my face, I am usually there to look at the interior of the church. Churches can be very beautiful buildings and very peaceful and restful inside.

I don't go any further forward than the front row of pews. I don't really know, but I would guess that forward of there is a place at least reserved for believers if not the professionals of religion. I don't think they would want me picking up and examining the bits and pieces of their rituals. Hey, it might be fun to swing one of these smokey things around. Can I give a sermon from the stand? I just couldn't stop myself from fiddling with the flower arrangements.

I don't do it not because I have respect for religion. I have none. I don't do it because it is a special place for the believers in the religion. A sacred place if you like. I am not about invading people's sacred places.

Our indigenous people believe Ayres Rock is such a place. I hold no truck with their dreaming and their mythical goannas, rainbow serpents etc, as interesting as some of the tales may be. Hey, I like the story of Joseph and his multi coloured coat too, and wasn't the big flood story interesting, with all the animals in a boat. How come the non carnivorous animals survived?

Nah, if the Aborigines tell me Ayers Rock is sacred to them and they don't want me clambering all over it, good enough for me. Rest assured you believers of myths and nonsense, I will stay off your church alters and your sacred rocks out of respect for you.

At my age and fitness level, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to climb Ayres Rock anyway.

Now what about the rock where the drag number was performed in Priscilla? Can that be declared a sacred place for drag queens?


  1. ditto wot you said.
    all of it.

    Get ya Rockports off our Rock.

    and Terence Stamp - still gorgeous after all these years.
    He's MY sacred site.

  2. Rockports off my rock. Love it FG. I can't remember Stamp when he was young. I don't find him attractive now.

  3. Loverboy6:25 pm


  4. Thanks, I'll altar it later.

  5. Over at my place there is a Tez post I made just for you.