Saturday, July 04, 2009

Not quite ready to chuck out home phone

Oh how I wish I could do what Rob has done. Read his excellent post on ditching his landline (home phone) here and we would save something like $500 per year.

There are problems that stop us getting rid of our landline. Well, three actually. Mother is one and two friends who refuse to call mobiles the others. Mother I can deal with by just telling her to call me and I won't answer and I will call her back. The friends? Well, I really don't know. They are older than myself and I can't expect them to go against what they strongly dislike. They have both been offered mobile phones for free, but won't have them

I am not the greatest person on the phone normally. I am not keen on using it, but of course I must.

But one of the real reasons why the home phone will stay in the foreseeable future is that I dislike the way mobile phones works and the way you are always talking over each other. One will start to say something, the other will accidentally interrupt then both will start at the same time. Maybe I need to use a mobile more and I would get better at it.

R would never agree either. Stuck with the hated Telstra.


  1. Every utility has a fixed monthly Service Fee.
    Add up the 3 phone, gas and electric Service Charges over 12 months, and see what you have to earn before you even USE any of the stuff provided by the 'service'.

    There is instant international communication now, skype, twitter, email, Fbook ... maybe a backlash soon. My 9" DELL laptop has flashdrive net connection and fits in my handbag.

    Great anti-Telstra para in last weekends Sunday Age:
    to buy an iPhone they required hard-copy ID in the form of a phone bill ... the sort of hard-copy they plead with their customers to receive online instead of in the post.

    re your illustration: did anybody notice the Ericophone in Marple last week? I was surprised, but I am sure their set deoration is absolutely authentic to era, and Ericophones must have been in use before I would have guessed.

  2. "The Scandiphone is a replica of the Ericofon, first manufactured around 1957 in `dial` form only. It was available in mint cream grey orange red and black."
    I discovered that many are for sale online, and also inadvertantly saw news from NYC that a guy is arrested for killing his girlfriend by ramming her mobile down her throat.
    His angst is something to contemplate next time you are annoyed in public by somebody using theirs inappropriately.
    Of course, if she had kept her landline, he might have strangled her with the power cord.

  3. We're thinking of getting rid of our landline. I hate talking on the phone. It's just a matter of me remembering to charge my mobile. Although I'm actually worse with the landline. The phone rings and I can rarely find it.

  4. Anonymous8:39 am

    Your ISP should provide a "naked" service that provides Voice-over-IP. You still have a number to be called on, but the voice service is provided over your internet connection rather than a landline. It's less reliable than a regular phone line but much much cheaper.

  5. Stop being so smug Cazzie.

    Ann, our bill for calls is negligible. Free local calls. Unbelievable about the hard copy bill. I didn't notice that in Miss Marple. We had an Ericafon. I think Telstra liked them because you would say 'hang on a minute' and put the phone down and cut the call off and have to ring back. Gawd wasn't dialling tedious.

    Good one Dina. Use your cell phone, if the battery is charged, to call your home phone to find the handset. Disaster girl.

    Anon, we could do it, but we like things simple and easy.

  6. Andrew,

    I've actually done the opposite. I use the landline (when we're finally able to locate it) to call the lost cell phone. Maybe THAT'S why we need to keep the landline. Although I guess we could just use another cell phone.

  7. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Having just moved in, we're determined not to get a landline, although Tom seems to think we will need one to get decent wireless access. I just leave it all up to him. Too many technical words hurt my head.

  8. Dina, these things are supposed to make our life easier.

    MD, I don't see why you would need a landline. We get satisfactory internet on the laptop with a 3 dongle.

  9. Thanks for the plug once again! It's actually been wonderful so far - calls are very clear, I can call in and out and messages go to my old-school answering machine on my old-school phone which works just fine. So while I still have the home phone, that line rental crap is gone. I even get caller ID on my home phone without having to fork out the $2 a month, so it's even better than I thought. I encourage anyone to take this up!*

    *1st month joy - give it time!