Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Naughty Navy

Oh dear, our navy is in trouble. Not a sinking ship but just some navy blokes doing what they do.

The blokes have drawn up some sort of score card, that is, how many navy girl chicks they can do the biz with. Ah well, if they can't pull a chick, we all know what they get up to.

Did I hear mention of forced sex? No, don't think so.

Did I hear of rape? Nah.

Did I hear of complaints from female navy gals? Don't think so.

Did I hear of harm to anyone? Not really.

Did I hear of bois being bois? Yep, I think I did.

Did I hear of horny young men? Goes without saying.

Did I hear of something distasteful in my eyes? Yep..............well, no not really. Don't forget I am gay and we have a higher tolerance for such things...........ok, I have set myself up there haven't I?

Watching on tv the competition for blokes scoring by pulling the fattest and ugliest chick was far worse than what these navy dudes were up to.

Media FAIL, jury still out on navy brass.


  1. I think it can be cruel and harmful if dishonesty is used in the game.

    How do these men get the women to have sex with them?

    I think a lot of times men will trick women into thinking they're in love with them. The woman believes she has found her soul mate. She's happily smitten and decides to give the guy her body. If it's all a trick to add points to a scorecard, I think that's sadly cruel.

    Is it any worse than what a lot of men do anyway? No. Probably not.

    Now if the women understand it's a loveless fun one night stand kind of thing....I see no harm in any of it. I guess they might have to worry about STDs but hopefully protection would be used.

  2. I only just caught wind of this in the news on the net... some thing s never change. Having been around the "forces" long enough I know and it seems others know, that things get swept under the carpet.. lets see what happens next :(

  3. actually in the news report i read it was the gals who complained after a safety and diversity review....which makes me think one of the guys blabbed to one of the a new meaning to the phrase pillow talk hey

  4. Well it's unrealistic to expect young men to do anything better. If we can all agree it's unethical what they did, then we must also be aware of the implications of imposing social change.

  5. Thoughtful response Dina. I would assume given the close quarters they live in, that no one would be expecting or promising love. Not great if that ploy was used.

    Cazzie, it is interesting as to how it got out.

    Poet, as per usual, blokes can't keep their traps shut about their 'conquests'.

    Reuben, I am not sure that it is unethical. Distasteful perhaps. Offensive maybe. Anyway, they were stupid to let it get out.

  6. Sounds about right.

  7. Loverboy.1:13 pm

    Some castrated feminist poodle dog male dobbed them in to the ladies, that's what happened.

    All's fair in romance.


  8. Loverboy2:52 pm

    And anyway, this sort of thing starts as a joke and ends in marriage.

    Serves them right.