Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Diana Presley

If you are like me, you have probably heard quite enough about Michael Jackson, yet I continue to listen to the details, sometimes rolling my eyes, sometimes shaking my head, often groaning. The reaction to his death has been extraordinary.

I liked Michael's music. I even thought he was kind of cute when he still had a nose and some colour to his skin. I am sorry he died, but that is about it.

His funeral/memorial was not the first to be bigger than Ben Hur and it won't be the last. But why do some celebrities generate such fuss and others don't?

I heard one sentence today that put it all in place for me. There will never be another Michael Jackson. The speaker was correct and like there will never be another Michael Jackson, there will never be another Elvis Presley, a Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin or Ruldolph Valentino.

Is this the difference between being a star to being a superstar? To have or create such an individuality of your person or persona that you can never be re-created?

Now who will be the next one to go? You could vote here.


  1. Whew! I have finally caught up with all your posts re going to Sydney...sounds like you had a good visit. The photos of the old trams are good. You know I have not once ever been on a tram...

    re michael Jackson..the day before he died a radio shock jock was being a smarty pants about "Whacko Jacko" to one of his caller in people...the very next day he was almost crying on his sleeve about if he was Christ reincarnated... the U.S. is an odd place - have to hope we don't emulate too much of their culture.

  2. You know what..there will never be another "You" and tere will never be another "Me" I reckon we oughta just rock on :)
    Yup, my patient's were watch the memorial last night live at work. It reminded me of the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert I have here on DVD..lots of awesome stars together celebrating.
    It is done, time to move on I reckon.

  3. Loverboy6:31 pm

    Crying celebrities, oh my goodness! And now he's 'The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived'.

    Where do you go from that? Maybe Greatest Man That Ever Lived! Why not?

    But wait for the dirt, the next step, when everyone's had their fun and gone home.

  4. The 1920's Hollywood funeral of Rudolph Valentino caused mass, mass hysteria.

    The Wailing Masses have a need for this sort of thing. They would have all been at Farrah Fawcetts if Jackson had not gone before.

    I think the FUNNIEST thing about the fuss, is that Now We Know that Jermaine Jackson went camping in The Grampians with Ian Moll-y Meldrum.

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  6. Loverboy8:20 pm

    Oh yes, as though Molly had to leave home to go camping!

  7. Over it already.
    Isn't there a Benny Hill re-run on somewhere...anywhere?

  8. The more we talk about it...the more it's not going to go away.

    Oh yeah, but now I'm talking about it. I guess I'm just as guilty as everyone else.

    Anyway, eventually people will be talking about something else.

    Paris Hilton...I suppose.

  9. Anonymous11:31 am

    Come on down Patrick Swayze.....your next.

  10. MC, shame on you. Next time in Melbourne, make sure your daughter takes you out on one. I think your hopes about not being swamped by US culture are sadly in vain.

    I haven't hear the M J words mentioned once today Cazzie. Relief.

    LB, no doubt some dirt will come out.

    What a wonderful tidbit of goss FG.

    Cheers Jayne. You know what music is in my head now.

    Dina, all quiet on the Western Front today.

    Anon, how distasteful. How amusing.

  11. Good grief, Dina - not Paris Hilton, surely. She is a prime example of someone being famous for absolutely nothing.

  12. Victor,

    And unfortunately that's why she'll be talked about.

    I still haven't figured it out though. Is Paris Hilton famous because the people are interested in the media writes about her. Or do people read about her because that's what the media puts in their magazines?

    In other words, does the public control the media, or does the media control the public?