Friday, July 10, 2009


I will just sneak this post through while Brian is asleep in one of his excavations. He will come around soon enough. The post is unfinished, but I have lost my way with it.

We are told that Australia is a classless society. It is a lie. I have class and so many don't. It is a cross I bear, or should that be bare? I have so much class, I don't care which spelling, because I have class.

In a posh restaurant in Australia where your recent immigrant serves the mighty and powerful, the server will be reasonably subsequitious but just doing his or her job. He or she won't be puzzled by a tantrum by the rich over an error in the serving of a meal. He or she will expect it. If your third generation Anglo Saxon was doing the serving, they would do it well, but don't expect much subequetioness.

But generally in Australia, there is a pretense that Jack is as good as his Master. Those with plenty of money tend to go along with it and will politely thank their waiting staff and the waiting staff would expect the thank you. The wealthy who do not behave like this will be looked down upon by their social equals.

Fortunately when we were in the UK, we did not come across any upper class people. Given the areas we visited, this is not surprising. Actually, it was quite hard to find a UK person in the UK. I expected to find regional accents in various places. Instead I mostly heard foreign accents in regional places.

Getting off topic. I can only go by what I read and see in the media, on tv, ok that is media too, and movies, ok it is more media, but those who serve the rich really are badly treated. It seems especially bad if the staff members are English born. They seem to be treated with such disdain, as if they are nothing. Utterly no respect for a fellow Englishman or Englishwoman, solely because they are of a different class.

When the revolution comes, by golly, I hope the English upper class don't expect their worker fellow countrymen and countrywomen to stick up for them. They will be the ones holding the baskets to catch their heads.

As for the UK foreign workers, 'You should pay me £6 an hour like you pay bloody Aussie'.

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