Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bad Day

The bad day was Monday, but the preceding Friday was not great. I had my car booked in for a service. I forgot about it and did not remember until early afternoon. Actually R remembered. He yelled a bit.

I rebooked for Monday.

We usually print any photos we want, usually for Mother, at Harvey Norman for around 20c per photo. If desperate, we pay 50c in Prahran and get very nice service. We noticed new photo printing machines in Big W at QV, just 11c. I thought I would give them a go and so did what you do at the photo printing machines. I went to pay, the lass took the money and told me they would be ready by 12 the next day. What? I want them today, like in an hour, like at Harvey Norman. Cannot. 12, tomorrow. Not sure when I will get to pick them up.

Call from car servicing place at 1pm. This does not bode well. I mentioned that the windscreen washers were not working. Please fix if will not cost too much. No mention of windscreen washers. Blown head gasket will cost $1500 plus though. No symptom apart from water in the oil.

I have been forced to use public transport to get to and from work. Worked ok today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Almost getting the evil card paid off is now only a dream.


  1. Yeah. That does sound like a bad day.


  2. The big K shop is as bad with calling when pics are ready - printing technology isn't that difficult, please purchase same for your store Mr Manager!

  3. Only money Dina. I tell myself that.

    I am back to H Norman Jayne.