Thursday, July 09, 2009

And here is the news

I just adore The Sydney Daily Telegraph. When I am feeling flat, it always gives me a lift. Although it is a sister paper to Melbourne's Herald Sun, the Hun is not even a patch on the Tele. Of course I don't believe much that I read in the Tele, but no matter. Here are today's news headlines.

Bruno violent gay cage kiss attack ending dumped

Newcastle mum told daughter to bash up her bully in 'brain snap'

Worker dies after falling into chocolate

Model cheats on soap star with teen son

Tom dumps Kat at Target for Packer

Man tells of sex with 'cabbie'

Pink's hot sex tip - naked wrestling

How Bruno found a terrorist

Should we probe our cops' drinking culture?

Half-blind pensioner puts thug in jail

Vermont : Man 'kept boy as sex slave for six years'

Court: Ex-Swan frauded home loans

Who needs men with 'Frankensperm'?

Emma Watson's embarrassing wardrobe malfunction


  1. Wow, I see what you mean Andrew.l Next I am at work and on my brak and want to see the News, I will not look up the Hun..I will go for the Tele!

  2. It's not called the Daily Terror for nothing.

  3. LMFAO
    Perfect cure for everything!
    Thanks, Andrew ;)

  4. And you didn't like to those articles??? Man, now I'm going to have to look up all that must-read stuff myself!

  5. Seems to be getting worse Cazzie, rather like an English tabloid.

    Victor, I do like Terrograph.

    Jayne, of course behind the headlines, some of the stories are serious.

    Mutant, out of concern for your innocence and moral rectitude, I deliberately de-linked the articles.

  6. Can we bury the phrase "brain snap"? Seems to be a coverall excuse for bad behaviour.

  7. Indeed. Not my fault, I was drunk. Not my fault, he/she should have seen me anyway. Not my fault, brain snap.