Tuesday, July 07, 2009

7th of July

Four years since London Underground bombs went off. We were in the Casino in Darwin with R's Sis in Law and her partner and watching on a big screen as it unfolded.

I knew at the time where the bombings happened, but the places slipped my mind. I never checked before I went to England, as it might have put me off a bit.

Lucky that I didn't check as we were often around Edgware Road near where an underground bomb went off.

Terrible business. Bad people. The English just got on with it, the best way to fight terrorism.


  1. I was in Portugal. One of the bombs was at my tube station - Russell Square. For months I had to take an alternative route home while they cleaned up the tunnel. When they re-opened it there was a distinct smell, kinda like brasso or something.
    I was there for the 2nd scare and decided to go shopping, the streets were quite empty, it was a good time to be out and about we figured.

    Four years goes by remarkably quickly.

  2. 4 years already?!

  3. Wonder what the smell was Fenz. Must have been horrible to even have been nearby.

    Astonishing isn't it Jayne, four years.

  4. It was eerie. They had a makeshift morgue set up outside the station, plus a laborotory and other marquees. My local supermarket was almost opposite the station. Interestingly, this article was in the mail today:

    Amazing to see my platform transformed, not to mention the wreckage of that train carriage :(

  5. Pretty moving stuff Fenz. Very moving.... I liked the memorial in Hyde Park. Not over the top, just nice.