Thursday, June 18, 2009

This time last year and excited chicks

On this day (mostly written two days ago) last year we were walking with a distant relative of R's along the banks of the very wide and strongly flowing Tyne River in the north of England. It seems like a dream now, but a very wonderful dream. The river was flowing so strongly, not like anything we see in Australia.

Just a bit later we walked over a stile. Ok, it was metal and a safety approved model, but English stile, just like I read about in books when I was a kid.

My memories of our UK holiday are all good, although not always at the time. That is how holiday memories work. We did so many great things, met so many great people, saw so many great things. It was magical. I am excited in retrospect.

All very well to be excited in retrospect, but what about showing real excitement at the time. Ha, I don't do that sort of thing, but I have seen a couple of women do it.

The first one was when I was early twenties and the woman must have been early fifties. I suppose she would be dead now...I can remember her face though. The light plane we were in landed on a glacier in New Zealand. It was a very nice glacier, as glaciers go, very blue and she was just so excited. She was infectious as she clapped her hands in glee. I often remember her and how her excitement at the plane landing on the glacier was like that of a little child.

The other was an English born woman who came to Australia and worked for our ABC. She married an Aussie bloke and so because she married, she could no longer work for the ABC. Married women not allowed. This is how she ended up being a workmate of mine. She was going back to England for a holiday after a twenty year or something absence. She was a tennis fan and desperately wanted tickets to Wimbledon. She was so excited when she got tickets before she she left. I am not sure how in days before internet.

She saw some great matches and waxed long and lyrically about the visit when she returned to Australia. She was just as excited about the experience after she had been as she was in advance. Yes, she did eat strawberries and cream too.

We can all be superior, critical, jaded, ho hum, self satisfied and I could be accused of all of those at times, but it is very very nice and refreshing when you see an adult expressing genuine joy. Look out for it and remember it. Just remembering the instance might save you at some time.


  1. Unreal you say that. Tonight Mia asked me what it was like when she was born, the moment she was born. Just explaining the moment she was handed to me made me so excited. Then she made me speal of each birth, or actual handing of the baby to me. It was lovely :)
    The other exciting times for me are the day we got engaged, the day we got married and I remember our first kiss :)
    Something to think about as a post topic at another time I think :)

  2. First kiss Cazzie and you got him very excited. Come on, tell us more.

  3. Yes, so nice to see others' joy in the moment.

  4. I see a lot of excited women in my life...usually just before the coppers turn up and cart me off.

  5. I love a bit of unbridled joy. Despite my inherant bitterness I'm learning how to show more of it, which in turn brings out joy in the husbear, which in turn brings out more joy in me. Infectious stuff that joy... Only problem is, the word joy grates with me for some reason... Must work on that.

  6. It is Jayne. Innocent joy.

    Ah Brian. You are good value.

    Mutant, happy people make people around them happy. Joy is a very old fashioned word. Never hear it in normal conversation now.