Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Nice Muriel

Dear Mirka Mora's mosaic mural was made in 1986. It had a renovation in the nineties and another has just been completed. So many people pass it by without ever looking closely at it. Just for once, I stopped. It looks like that hideous gambling venue Clocks has covered over the western end of the mural. Phewy on them.


  1. I like it but, yep, some is covered over by that place
    It's still lovely, though!

  2. Looks a bit like my kitchen wall after the spag bol's exploded.

  3. oh Brian you're awful.

    I think Diego Rivera the famous muralist did a transport one when Spencer Street Station was rebuilt in the 1960's
    I wonder what happened to it.
    No other city in the world would demolish his work.
    It must be in that shed with The SouthGate Fountain.

  4. I've always wondered how Clocks has managed to stay in business, what with the casino just down the river. It always has that look about it that about 40 desperados are going to come barging out and riot.

  5. Jayne, I took a look from a tram as I passed today, and there appears to be a lot of it covered.

    It is art Brian. You wouldn't understand.

    Ann, it went into storage and was to be reinstated once So Cross was finished.

    We had dinner there once Rob. Dinner is a rather grand description. It was hideous. Actually looks a bit better inside now after its last reno. But it would be better gone.


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