Sunday, June 14, 2009

Neglected Crime

I was just looking at Crimestoppers website. I just thought I would check to see if someone who I knew is listed there as a murder victim. She is not. Why would this be so?

Perhaps because I think it was the nineties when she was murdered and the Crimestoppers seems only interested in crimes from 2000 on, unless they have reopened a case, a cold case.

What? You want the gory details? Okay.

Sis in Law's sister married a gay bloke. R and I knew he was gay as he used to stare at us. After a time they separated. There was a teenage daughter who went off the rails. I am not sure if it was because her father was gay, trauma over the separation or perhaps would have happened anyway.

Sis in Law and Tradie brother took her on as an official foster child. After a bit she bolted to Adelaide with her boyfriend. I suppose she was about 15 or 16. He was of a similar age.

They were hitchhiking back to Melbourne from Adelaide and something happened that resulted in them both being murdered and found on the side of the road.

It is an unsolved crime and I am surprised to not find two murdered teenagers on the Crimestoppers website.


  1. I'm sorry : (

    That's really sad.

  2. Whoa - now that's a story. I can't imagine what that must have been like for family and friends to try and cope with.

    In my experience crime stoppers really only works hard on high-profile stuff. I know that sounds like an awful thing to say as I'm sure they do some good work too, but I've not had a great deal of luck with them.

  3. The gory part of me drooled before you gave the details, then after reading them, I felt so sad, so deflated. I'm so sorry - what a sad end to such a short life. And even sadder is that it's no longer on their list of things to do/figure out.

  4. I only met her a couple of times Dina. She was a sullen teenage girl, but then aren't so many of them. It is such a waste of a life though.

    Mutant, there was a period that she was just missing, so all were expecting the worst. I can guess what the police thought. Two less troublemakers, although I am not sure if she or he was really.

    Thanks Raelene. The case was re-opened a few years ago and had some publicity, but no result.

    Not nice Victor. I was quite remote from it though. Not sure why my memory of it is so hazy. I can remember her first name and that is about it. I think she had a bit of a goth look. Just can't recall.

  5. Anonymous4:01 pm

    It's always somebody's baby. This hurts my heart.


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