Friday, June 12, 2009

Has Bins

Simon and Garfunkel are to visit and perform in Australia. Wouldn't they be in their seventies? Can people still sing in their seventies? Not terribly well I would have thought. Performing at Rod Laver Arena here. A seat with an impeded view, $100. Isn't any seat more than twenty metres away impeded?

Liza Minnelli is to visit our fair shores too, also to perform. I wouldn't mind seeing her perform. She is only 64. $100 to sit in a monster tennis court. No mention of impeded seat, but I'll give it a miss thanks.

We seem to get regular visits from Joan Rivers. Gosh, she is 76.

There are many I could add to the list, but what do the above have in common?

They all come from the Democratic Socialist Republic of the United States, a country of hundreds of millions of people. Why do they want to come and perform in a pissy little country of a mere twenty million? The weather?

You tell me! We have to pay someone in their prime, such as Tiger Woods, many millions of dollars just to come here. How many $$$ were paid to one P. Hilton. Am I on the right path here?


  1. Maybe they're just like me and love Australia.

    That's a good reason to come over.

  2. And the CD will cost less, can be listened to at any time and no need to worry about a cab home at the end of the night :P

  3. "Why do they want to come and perform in a pissy little country of a mere twenty million?"

    Because nobody in America or Europe wants them. I know one thing, next time Joan Rivers turns up, lock her in a van and take her for a drive in the desert will you? I'm sick of seeing the loud mouthed, unamusing old bag on British telly.

  4. Brian,

    I beg to differ. I like Simon & Garfunkle. Although I can't say I'm a big Joan Rivers fan.

  5. i loathe those big concert arenas no matter who's playing. So impersonal and sterile.

  6. I liked England Dina, but the thought of that long long flight. Surely the same for them, even if first class.

    Jayne, I haven't really experienced a large live concert and no desire to, but I guess the atmosphere is good.

    What I was thinking Brian. They can make good money by throwing a few crumbs down here, well sometimes. There have been many failures.

    Yeah Dina, when they were young.

    Your opinion noted and trusted Fenz.

  7. Dina...I have to be honest, I own a few Simon and Garfunkle albums myself. (Hangs head in shame and crawls of sidewise like a crab.)

  8. Dear Andrew

    Liza is no "has been". She just won a Tony Award on Broadway for her "Liza's at the Palace' limited engagement which I saw in New York in December. That show is the basis of her Australian tour this October. If you don't want to see her perform in a big arena then I have an offer for you. 2 A-Grade premium tickets opening night of Liza at the Sydney Opera House on 16 October. If anyone is interested, do email me at

    best wishes
    in Canberra

  9. Hi Glenn. I read a review of her performance, the same venue I think, just a day ago. It does sound like she can still perform well. It would be great to see her in a more intimate space for sure. But sometimes I think Australia is just a dumping ground for overseas stars who are past it. We should be grateful for the crumbs.

  10. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Oh, how I want to go see Liza. But for 2 kids saving to fund a home deposit, $100 a head is just too much. You can't even see performers from the cheap seats at rod laver.