Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good food, bad hygiene

What are your local cafes and restaurants like? Good? Safe? Hygienic? If one of the places you patronise caused heaps of food poisoning cases, would you trust your local council who is responsible for such matters to deal with it adequately? Wouldn't you want to know if your fave Chinese takeaway had dubious food preparation standards and many people had suffered food poisoning, even if you had not?

I think it is a motherhood statement to say that you would want to know. I certainly would. Your local council has this information, but they are not going to tell you.

Blogger Fitzroyalty is battling against his local council for such information. His campaign could bring about Victorian legislative changes. He deserves our support. Read from here downwards. Skim if you must. You will still pick it up.


  1. Yes I would want to know if standards were no above board!
    My friend runs a local shop, I visit often. One thing I always say, thanks to my Nan, is "Never buy food from a shop that has not got clean windows". Kind of like not trusting a salesman with dirty shoes.
    Food poisoning.. not something anyone would wish for ever.

  2. Cazzie, I did notice recently a restaurant near my workplace that I have a vague connection with from a long time ago had very dirt windows. This place has been there for a long time and I found the dirty windows to be quite disturbing. They have being cleaned subsequently, but still.

    Ftizroyalty, not sure if you would approve of my post, but I did know you would pick it up quickly. You did not disappoint. It really is a crap situation. I have heard arguments from councils and yet I am very unconvinced of the merits of withholding such information.

  3. He's doing a good job rattling their cage.

  4. Yes, I'd like to know. Although I hate thinking about that kind of stuff.....

  5. "What are your local cafes and restaurants like?"

    You've eaten in my local cafe Andrew, so you'll undersand the phrase 'Greasy spoon and chips with everything'.

  6. when I waitressed at Mora's Tolarno in the 60's the kitchen was Very French. I couldn't believe the grease and grime.

  7. Certainly is Jayne.

    Morally, it is fully justified Dina.

    And service with a scowl Brian.

    Ewww, Ann!

  8. He has a point - this information should be public as it's food handling for the public. And why is everyone else thinking this is a great idea except us?

  9. years ago I used to buy Graydon Carter's SPY magazine (named for the mag that Jimmy Stewart worked for in The Philadelphia Story)
    and it used to publish the health inspection reports of NYC restaurants. Graydon moved his SPY lark into Vanity Fair, but the reports are now online - here is a comment and the link:

    "I was shocked to see so many restaurants that I frequent written up for....GULP...."Vermin or other live animal present in food storage, preparation or service area".

    we have all watched at least parts of Gordon fkn Ramsay in the USA, screamin about the rats but not making ratatouille.

    oh and of course LarryMendoza at the Rajah Sahib used to cop it regular in the Melb tabloids.

    eat safe at home.

  10. of course that ann odyne link was cacked.
    This one works. I looked up Graydons restaurant The Waverly Inn and it is very bad indeed. so funny.

  11. Sorry Rob, I don't get the last sentence?

    Ann, that is exactly what we should have here.