Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forget your Underbelly tv show. Real life is far more interesting. Judy's brother in law shot dead on Monday was amazing. Learning that she had been arrested for being an accomplice after the fact, now an accomplice, on Tuesday, just getting better. Then I wake to hear her house 'caught' fire last night while she was assisting the police with their enquiries, well, what will I wake to tomorrow? Probably nothing as she has been refused bail and is locked up.

I don't think she is a good person and certainly should not be on any sort of pedestal, and nor should she be seen as a celebrity but you must admit, she is quite fascinating.

Although she used a walking stick in court today, it did not seem to be a problem to alledgedly dump a car used in the murder in Brunswick and walk back to her home in Moonee Ponds (note newspapers, not Ascot Vale).

What it says in the cutting below, 1st husband shot dead, 2nd husband shot dead, son by first marriage shot dead, son by second marriage shot dead, brother in law shot dead, two brother relatives by relative's marriage, shot dead.

She may well have the appearance of a sweet little old lady in the photo below, but don't be fooled. What do you reckon Brian? If she is freed soon, could she sort out your neighbour problems?

Photo courtesy Melbourne's most respected newspaper, The Age.


  1. Hahahaha, I just posted on the same topic! It's all bizarre, and how's about her house getting torched?!

  2. she could've parked the car in my driveway and i'd have been oblivious! ;)

  3. Bah Humbug... it is newsworthy for a day and no more than that..oh excepting the day this woman has her day of conviction in court. A move from Essendon to Deer Park..certainly a move in the right direction I reckon!

  4. Oh, may I please add to this Judy's own sentiment, "You live by the sword, you die by the sword". Yeah, that is all..thmkyou (bows out).

  5. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Channel Nine couldn't write a better script for Underbelly 3 - The Matriach's Revenge.

    Could get 'Pat the Rat'out of retirement to play her.

    And Cazzie what are you insinuating about Deer Park? I have friends living there.

  6. Deer Park, dear Anonymous, is where Port Phillip Privately Owned Prisons run the Womens Detention Centre.
    Melbournes journos are all hoping the new bypass freeway has an off-ramp straight to it.
    God help any slag who has to share with Big Judy.

  7. We're in Derrimut, surrounded by the three prisons, or is it four? She can be my neighbour! Ugh!

    Fascinating stuff. It was only recently that I found out Jason and Mark were 'half' brothers, and in yesterday's paper, about the first husband (and following from that, that he was Mark's dad)

    PS I 'hear hear' the UB3: Matriarch's tale, esp with Rowena in the lead. Bring it on! I would put money on Judy being the real God(mother)father in this tale.

  8. Andrew,

    I can't help thinking that, rather than sorting our neighbour problems out, she'd probably just add to them...although somehow I suspect she won't be appearing in Fleetwood any time soon.

  9. Chopper certainly made his feelings felt in yesterday's Hun!

  10. She has to be the BLABS* cross dresser's role model of choice.

    There's quite a bit of Dick Emery's 'Mandy" about her, but obviously not much of the Les Girls, Carlotta in her make up.

    Carlotta was attractive, and had 'class' punchin' Judy can only dream of.

    We're going to miss her around our neighbourhood for quite a while I suspect.

    Two of th best quotes on this matter come from John Silvester (AKA 'Sly of the Underworld').

    "Judy recently told friends she planned to move to a secure gated community. Yesterday she got her wish."


    "We in the media often refer to hitmen as cool, calm and calculating. Really, the fact of the matter is they wear slip on shoes for a reason and that's 'cause they can't do their own laces up."

    *Built like a brick .........

  11. Some of Mandy Moran's work.

    Like I said, or was going to say, "Spot the difference."

  12. Unbelievable Evol. I remember that SY shooting, just off Williams Rd I think.

    Fenz, you would then be surprised when the police knocked at your door and accused you of being an accomplice.

    So true Cazzie. The pollies like it because it draws attention from what they are up to. Entertainment for the masses.

    Pat the Rat would do justice to the role Anon. I think the womens' prison is at Deer Park? Ah yes, confirmed by Ann.

    Ann, surely they would not inflict her on anyone?
    Yep Raelene, I only learnt that yesterday too. Can be hard to choose your neighbours!

    You are probably right Brian.

    Missed Chopper's thoughts Jayne. I can guess.

    LS, I think Mandy Moran has a softer face. I heard those quotes, the first is a ripper. Allusions to the dead bloke's sexual preferences in today's online gay media.

  13. Surely they're not *queerying* his role as a long time *bachelor uncle*? :0)

    Who gives a proverbial toss now Des has been professionally stiffed?

  14. Yup, Ann is correct with what I was "getting at". I too have friends living in Deer Park, and I have friends who work at Port Phillip too. In fact, I was offered quite a few shifts as nurse there while I worked agency. I did not take them, because I was pregnant at the time. OH&S, self preservation..yadda yadda.
    My sister lives almost across from it too.. you can see the bright lights of the Prison across the paddock..anc occasionaly some idiots rabbit shooting. Guns near a prison, another story.

  15. Yep, that's the shooting in SY that I meant. I was living behind Hawksburn village at the time.

  16. LS, stiffed as a verb. I like it.

    Yep Cazzie. Anon got the wrong end of long pleasuring device.

    Evol, not the normal sort of thing that happens in Hawskburn. I like me crims to stay north or west of the river.

  17. gosh Andrew -
    Faabulous Bra-aghton south of the Yarra, is FULL OF CRIMS.
    before the casino was built, Brighton was packed with 3am gambling soirees.

    and all those B'maris, Cheltenham Highett fruit n veg market guys shooting each other?

    and thats before I get onto the Corporate Crime for which Brighton is reknown.


  18. Yeah well Ann, I am not as stupid as I may seem. Grandfather Marky was a market gardener, as you know. Mother has alluded to such matters. Must get her to elaborate.

  19. I meant the F&V market guys whose names end in vowels.

    My son-in-law and his 3 siblings went to very costly school and the fees were made out at Footscray. When the dad retired, he still got up at 3am and went out there to hang with his mates.

    One time, S-I-L said the dad walked into the lounge and looked at the kids and said
    "jeepers crise - half a million dollars completely wasted on education"
    (they must have been watching moron TV)

  20. Loverboy6:21 am

    Crims spend big. Where shopping is expensive you find top crims, they like it, like the atmosphere: living it up. Chapel Street is full of crims. So is Double Bay, Sydney.
    In the past few years there've been hits in Hampton, Doncaster, B'maris, Kew, and two in Hawkesburn (one near Williams Road, the other behind the supermarket in Malvern Road). So what do you expect, do you expect moneyed crims to stay in the slums all their lives? Didn't John Wren start off in the filth of Collingwood and move to a mansion looking down on it all? Of course. That's the plan, the whole idea.
    Film stars are fascinated by crims, some even marry them. Wealth excuses most things anyway. Mug taxpayers are fascinated too, they get awfully excited, especially if they can claim some connection, however remote. Ordinary life is regular, that's the trouble, dreary, 'unfufilled', crims live to the utmost. Some get rubbed out, sure, some get jailed, but hundreds thrive, right through to old age: wine women and song. You'll never get rid of crime, especially organised crime, it's reactive to your economy: Capitalism. When The Soviet Union collapsed the mafia rose immediately.

  21. Loverboy is RH or I'm a toaster.

  22. Yeah Ann, sometimes education is very wasted. You are possibly right about Loverboy, but I shall ignore that at the moment.

    Thanks Loverboy. Lots of colour and movement and fairly accurate I reckon.

  23. Loverboy2:32 pm

    Crims, big crims, are Nietzschean: lightning/storm.

    -Loverboy/Electric kettle.
    (One must be discreet)

  24. Our Jude's house is in in Ormond Rd, which is the Ascot Vale-Moonee Ponds boundary. If she's on the southern side, her place could very well be in Ascot Vale unless both sides of the street are Moonee Ponds, as often happens with suburban boundaries.

  25. I was so sure too Lad. Oh well.