Thursday, June 04, 2009


Dina probably calls it research when she examines an Australian in detail. When I take to the task, it is more like stalking.

This Catterns woman is interesting. Yeah, Angela who hooks up with comedian, writer, radio broadcaster and tele host Wendy Harmer, to present the ABC podcast, Is It Just Me.

Look, here is an ABC publicity shot. Quite flattering, I have seen some harsher pictures of her. She is on your right in the top picture.

Now in women of a certain age, I like certain things. Good hair and good makeup (come on, I am gay, what else would you expect?). So far by the photos above, she gets a tick.

A nice voice always attracts me, and that is one of her fortes. Clever, funny, opinionated, well that almost ticks every box. Clothes, well I can't tell from the photos above, but you can't go wrong with impressing a Melburnian by wearing black. She has made a good start there.

Hmmm, she has her own website. Nothing there really. Can sign up to a mailing list. What kind of mail might I receive? I will give it a miss. Here is her photo below of her from her website. I'd better use nice words about her, or she might sue me for copyright breach. Some freckles, how cute.

Dina always names her sources of information. I shan't because I am just lazy.

My personal knowledge of her before I heard her on Is It Just Me, is that she broadcast nationally when ABC local radio went national at night time. She presented a music program, and along with excellent voice, she was knowledgeable about music, or perhaps just a good album cover reader. I may have heard her at other times, perhaps over summer holidays when ABC local switches to ABC local from another state.

What I have learnt since, with some reading between the lines, is that she came from a very middle class family, went to the same private girls school for all of her school years and likes to be near the coast. She had a drop out as a hippie period in her life. She has never married but did have a long term relationship, which she is no longer in, and has a teenage daughter who causes Angela much angst, as teen daughters do, it would seem. Her mother is still alive.

Righto, time for the internet looking.

Angela started her radio career in Lismore, NSW, and then went on to work in television in Orange. She worked as a sound recordist in Papua New Guinea and then worked on the kids tv show, Simon Townsend's Wonder World. By the mid eighties, the far from now youthful Angela became the breakfast presenter on the ABC youth high cred radio station, JJJ.

It is not all good. At some point she worked for 2SM, a commercial radio station. Oh dear. From there she did a bit of work at SBS, and then surprise, surprise, turned up for a decent period on air at WYKS radio, Washington DC.

Ah, is this when I remember her on radio. She presented a national ABC evening show from the radio studios in Lismore around 1990.

Wow, I told you she had a good voice. She made all public announcements at the Sydney 200o Olympics, plus was venue announcer for the gymnastics. No doubt her talents in this area led her to be the voice of Qantas Airlines to make the pre flight safety announcements.

I have no idea what Big Fat Radio is, but she worked there but by 2004, she was back at ABC Sydney local radio, 2BL for you old folk, and became the number one Sydney radio presenter.

2005 she left the ABC and worked at a newish radio station, Vega. She lasted there until 2007 and now is an occasional fill in presenter back at ABC Sydney, local radio.

Oh look, here she is when she was younger. I think I like her better older. How many lasses of the same time struck the same pose.

Are you impressed? I am. Need to bring her down a peg and find some goss. Back to the net.

Hmm, she was snapped with David Bowie. Perhaps not her best angle. Not really his either.

Does she like cricket? Snapped in the commentary box at Sydney Cricket Ground.

She does not mind putting her arm around a lass who wears sensible shoes, the marvellous Julie McCrossin, and seems to have no problem with Julie holding the phallic object in her face. Oh, I think I like the first picture I posted best.

I think she really does know about music. If the guitar was the right size, I expect she could strum a bit. No idea who the bloke is and I don't care to find out.

Here she is when she eclipsed in radio ratings the creepy tawdry populist horrible broadcaster and London cottager Alan Jones.

Insert here that I have checked some back of the envelope calculations and she has made a lot of money with her work and must be very comfortable. I guess she lives in inner city Sydney in quite a nice house. With a not so poor mother, she won't have to worry about money too much. Her daughter certainly won't.

Here she is with the rest of the Vega breakfast team, back in 2007. Must have been taken the same day as the second picture.

Gosh, she seems to be a paragon of virtue. I cannot find anything salacious. Wendy Harmer had a go at guessing the weight of Angela's breasts, between 1.5 and 2 kilos.

Oh yeah, on the speaker circuit.

She interviewed Spike Milligan. He always behaved terribly when visiting Australia. You can download the interview here. Really, I wouldn't bother, Spike was a bit past it.

She also made an You Tube clip for Pay Pal, explaining how Pay Pal works.

Well, that is it folks. Anglea seems to be a high achiever and has not blotted her copy book.


  1. I like your stalker/research post.

    You may not cite your sources, but I think your use of photographs makes up for that.

    I find your taste in woman interesting. Uh, that btw is my polite way of saying I don't share your taste. Well, at least from what I've seen so far.

    I do agree though that voice is important.

    I'm going to go to your links and see if I can find her speaking at all. Or maybe I'll YouTube her.

  2. You certainly did your homework. To be honest, though, this is exactly why I fear notoriety of any kind - people will be able to google all sorts of stuff about me.

    On a side note, this wonderful post has reminded me that it was in fact Julie McCrossin who was previously a regular on Good News Week. This was bugging me the other night as I watched it for the first time in years, and my wife said "who was that lady wot used to be on this?".

    Now we know.

  3. Very impressive, off I go to check her..oops, I mean her site out :)

  4. My recall of Ms Catterns is from the Simon Townsends WonderWorld! years, and I do like Ms McCrossin.
    On one show they were discussing underpants and she said she wore Cottontails ... black Cottontails ... Size 16 .. and said "yes folks, once you've had 'em big and black, you don't settle for anything less".

  5. HAH! I've just finished listening to their latest podcast, they make me giggle so very much.

    I remember Ange when she was on JJJ, didn't realise it was in the 80's. I feel a little old now.

    She's got a very distinctive voice and laugh, I could listen to those two ramble on for hours. Thanks for the info post :)

  6. She made all public announcements at the Sydney 2000 Olympics

    I don't think there is a possibility that any woman, let alone Angela Catterns, could have made all the public announcements, especially those that were clearly spoken by men, but I'll accept that she made announcements.

    It is true that she became the Number 1 Breakfast broadcaster on the AM band whilst at 2BL although from memory her victory was for one ratings period (a month?) only. Nonetheless an impressive achievement given that she beat Alan Jones and I believe she is the only one to have done so since he became Sydney's top rating Breakfast announcer what seems like 197 years ago. (Or maybe since Captain Cook?)

  7. Oh, and another thing!

    I hope you are not suggesting that London cottaging is tawdry. Someone not far removed has been known to engage in such activity.

    But that is only for you and me to know.

  8. Up until today (and some Googling later) the term 'cottaging' had never crossed my innocent path.

    'Frottaging yes. Cottaging no.

    We live and learn. Can't wait to use the word in my next game of online Scrabble.

    Have read John Lahr's 'The Orton Diaries' seems like Joe would be regarded as a serious and serial cottager.

  9. "Up until today (and some Googling later) the term 'cottaging' had never crossed my innocent path."

    So you're claiming that George Michael misled you then, Sedgers?

  10. Well, he did have a note from his mum. How could I believe it was one of Boy George's (no relation?) forgeries.

    Last time I swallow one of those red herrings.

  11. Dina, in spite of what I say, my taste is well above superficial looks. Listen to an episode of Is It Just Me to hear her voice. I think you will enjoy it.

    Yes Me, it was her indeed. I reckon Julie is great. I could be undone by a serious stalker, but I don't have too much identifiably personal stuff of mine on the net.

    Classy chick she is Cazzie, until she described her bra fitting and getting her lymph nodes into the bra as well.

    Ripper anecdote Brownie. What they get away with on those kids shows!

    Fenz, console yourself with the fact that when she was on JJJ, she was older than you were.

    Victor, you want more than a cut and paste? She must have been one of the main announcers, perhaps for the opening or closing?

    Of course it is tawdry Victor. That is why it such fun....used to be. I dislike him because he pretends to this day that he was innocent, never mind his hypocrisy over the whole area of gay matters, and of course he is not one though. Just can't bear the prick.

    LS, Joe certainly was. I am surprised that the word wasn't mentioned in the book. It almost rhymes, some frottage in the cottage. It may be in reference to Jones that I first heard the word.

  12. Just re your comment on my blog, "Yeah..there weren't any nice garden beds there at the Zoo!"

  13. Sorry to be a shit, Andrew. All announcements at the Olympics were made in French (the official Olympics 'language') and English.

    The Opening and Closing Ceremonies had two announcers; a male and a female. The male announcer was the Australian actor John Stanton who made all the English language announcements.

    A female, unknown to me, made all the French language announcements. It could have been Catterns, I suppose, but I don't know whether she is a French speaker.

  14. Victor, perhaps she was spruiker at a hot dog wait, it says, 'responsible for all the public domain announcements.' and 'venue announcer for the Olympic Gymnastics competition'. I read it on the internet, so it must be true.

  15. Ah, now we have it. She made the announcements at the Gymnastics venue - which you already noted - and the public domain announcements means the areas outside of and surrounding the Olympic venues. I won't stalk you anymore on this matter.

  16. Yep, I remember her from Wonder World and love listening to her and Wendy chatter.

  17. I was aware of Wonder World Jayne, but never saw it.