Saturday, June 20, 2009

Black v White

No, that is a bad subject line. I felt personal hurt when I learnt that we, Australia, or was it Melbourne, had to pay Tiger Woods something like $13 million to come to play golf in Australia. I wrote about it and also tried to lay a guilt trip on Tiger on his website. You can find it if you want. I can't be bothered.

Tiger was invited to the areas where fires had such a huge effect this year. There was no payment mentioned and I never saw a response.

Greg Norman, an Australian born bloke and a champion golfer but who speaks with an American accent, is visiting our shores. I don't particularly like him, but he has gone up a peg or two in my estimations by reading here.

The essence is,

GREG Norman will tour the fire-ravaged township of Marysville before headlining a celebrity golf fundraiser for Black Saturday victims.

Norman has asked to visit the devastated community next Sunday to offer his support.

Tiger Woods, 0. Greg Norman, 1.

Must be time for Tiger's PR people to get busy.


  1. Send me the plane tickets and I'll come over for nowt.

  2. I can't imagine making Australia pay for me to come.

    I wouldn't mind though if they let me come for free though. I have to admit that.

  3. Solution? Woods donates his "fee" to bushfire victims AND plays with Norman when he gets down there. Woods:2 Norman:1!

  4. Loverboy4:12 pm

    Dina (Wooh!) if that's your photo I'll pay your fare.

  5. Good on Greg Norman. I think Aussies all over the Globe felt the pain of people affected back home. That is just wonderful, kudos to him.

  6. Greg has re-discovered his happy place with his new missus and it's showing.

  7. And what benefit could you offer Brian?

    Ha Dina, you'd pay us to come here wouldn't you?

    A bit different to what I knew of him in the past Cazzie.

    Ah Jayne. The goss. Makes sense.

  8. To nick one of Oscar's lines, "I have nothing to offer by my genius."

  9. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Goodwill goes a long way and people have long memories. It's important that the families affected aren't forgotten as time goes on - the struggle to recover is ongoing.

  10. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Enough of the chargrills plight - who cares if Woods or Norman visits? What can and will they do? Enough money has been raised and insurance claims approved - just get on with rebuilding ya properties and move on in ya lives. You want them to play the bleeding hearts forever?

  11. Brian, your intellect would just be too much for us down under.

    So are they are not forgotten MD.

    I think it is about raising spirits and moods Anon. I hope it is all remembered next time.

  12. Dare I say, "Some of my best friends are tigers."

    'Hughes' and 'intellect' in the same sentence?

    Some judges have no idea what constitutes a just sentence.

    I say bring back capital punishment!

    Let's rid the world of these troublesome Hughes!

    A well hung Hughes ... the only way we'll see that

    (Think I've just used up all the exclamation mark downloads my ISP has allotted me this month.)

  13. Spoken by an Anonymous who is obviously bullet and fire proof.

    And completely insensitive.

    And anonymous, naturally.

  14. You have to wonder how much tiger Woods own PR people are telling him about his trip...?

    Good on Grg Norman!!!

  15. Financial accountability and sensitivity is not a strong feature in current capitalist systems.

  16. Yo dissin yo best pommy mate Brian LS?

    Maybe Ozfemme. I have big problems with Anon posters. If they could just invent themselves a name they stuck with.

    MC, quite a lot now I think.

    Reuben, not when it gets in the way of profit.


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