Sunday, June 14, 2009

Batchelor Gay

R is away with work and has been since last Thursday. He returns on Tuesday. Things were somewhat uncomfortable in the Highrise when he left. I have not received an sms or phone call as yet. I will sms him Sunday. See if a get a nice reply or 'eff orf bitch' reply. Ah, we mature folk really have it together.

He did not cook for two days before he left. The first day I made myself raisin toast for dinner. The next day I thought I needed something decent to eat, so I cooked a rasher of bacon with two fried eggs. He went across the road and bought Chinese take away after I had cooked my wholesome meal.

Then he was gone and I could feel the vitamins dreening away from me. I cooked up a heap of vegetables and barbecued two lamb chops.

At least he had made me a lasagne before he left. I retrieved it from the freezer and had one serve with salad and will have another before he returns. Tomorrow night I will have the other two lamb chops with vegies.

But working every day and cooking for yourself sure takes up the time. Prefaced with I don't do anything at night apart from tv and net after 8, I seem to have had no spare time at all.

Sister wants us to look after Little Jo on Wednesday night while she goes to the soccer. I am in the process of making my three day prep very special pea and ham soup for when R returns. Combined with a crusty loaf, either or both of those may soften his heart.

Written yesterday. It is now Sunday night and although I sent an sms this morning, no answer was the stern reply.


  1. I hate stuff like that--the not speaking (or SMSing) the silence....the wondering.

    I hope everything ends up being okay. I'm pretty sure it will be.

  2. Will you be serving your famous pea and ham soup up in a hollowed-out cob loaf ?
    R probably forgot to charge his phone.

  3. "...special pea and ham soup...combined with a crusty loaf."

    Excellent...bung some in a flask for us and send it over will you, Andrew?

  4. Anonymous6:50 am

    Can I have that recipe please Jayne? Andrew? Anyone??
    See what today brings Andrew, make no fuss about the silence.. you are loved :)

  5. Relationship bickering is yuck, huh? But I tend to think that arguing every so often is healthy because it means you care enough to be hurt/upset. I'm sure all will be well. Who could resist that soup!?

  6. I was excited when I read this because raisin toast and bacon and eggs are some of my favourite dinner options! You may also like to try two minute noodles with a tin of tuna stirred though.

    I'm glad that you 'mature' folk are behaving in such a 'mature' way. I though I was the only one who could chuck a wobbly like that, but I reckon R gives me a run for my money!

  7. That is shitty. T does the same to me. I hate the silent treatment, and in my maturity, have joined the ranks and can out-silence anyone now. I used to talk and talk to try and sort things out, but with no one replying, it was easier to just shut up and ignore.

    Hoping the soup works its wonders and you are back to talking terms Tuesday night. And I hope you get a reply to your SMS.

  8. Hopefully R will have softened when he returns. If not you will have lots of hot yummy pea and ham soup for those cold nights and cold shoulders.

  9. Yes Dina. I would rather argue and argue and get to a quick resolution.

    Jayne, I thought of getting the bread maker out, but there are no mixes in the cupboard. I think it will be just a nice crusty loaf.

    Sure thing Brian. I will be nicely matured when it arrives.

    Thanks Evol. I am not great at plain speaking. I feel like saying, put it in an email and I will think about your issues.

    Not a healthy way to eat Mutant. R would give anyone a run for their money. He does keep me on my toes, so to speak.

    Makes me feel better Raelene. No relationship is ever perfect hey. Glad I am not the only one. He might end up wearing it. It is 25 years since I have thrown anything at him, and then chipped the fridge.

    Victor, I don't mind pea and ham soup for two meals, but it is an awfully big pot.

  10. Cazzie, they are good words. They make me feel powerful. Here is one I prepared earlier.

  11. Anonymous2:25 am

    Ah yes but at least you will have the make up sex to look forward to when you two do eventually talk....:)

  12. Ah Anon, that used to be fun. Nice memories.

  13. so, have words been spoken or are you silencing each other still :P
    I'm kinda giving my flatmates the silent treatment, they're both boys and they don't know how to handle it! They'll be gone soon and I won't have to pretend I'm a quiet person anymore :)

  14. Yummo, I am going to be making that this week! Went to the Vic Market today, could have bought the ingredients there... will go to the local Veg market tomorrow.

  15. He is back Fenz. I picked him today. All ok, although he is very tired.

    Cazzie, the ham bones are the expensive part. They used to pretty well give them away. I got nice meaty ones though.

  16. Anonymous4:02 pm

    All back in plain language now, Andrew?

  17. Not quite MD. I am underselling it. Very happy that you have returned from your jaunt and all is well with you. I read your posts last night. Liza on cd might be better than Liza at Rod Laver Arena. Did I put you in the freezer for lack of posts? Checking. Nope, I knew you were away.