Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Moran down

Cafes must be dangerous places for criminal types to hang around. So many seem to get killed when in a cafe......well, two or three anyway.

It leades me think of a bigger picture. That is men who are far from being too old to work, who sit around in cafes during the day and drive expensive cars.

I can only guess at ethnic origins, but of a non white ethnic origin they seem to be. Here a few of my own experiences.

I was having coffee on my own in Errol Street, North Melbourne. I figure the busiest cafe is usually the best. I sat and appeared to be engrossed in my newspaper, but I was not. I was eavesdropping shamelessly. I overheard bits of conversations that sounded very criminal activity like. This was before the spate of underground killings, or early in the period at least.

Go forward to the day R bought his 3 internet connection for his laptop at Prahran Central. We had to sit around and wait for approval nonsense. I had seen this guy before, he was not unattractive, but I had not taken too much notice of him. I did this day. He was hanging around. Hanging around. Was does that mean. It means a guy in his late thirties chatting to a couple of people. Having coffee. Moving around. Friendly terms with some of the shop owners, including where we were. He disappeared for a while and then returned went up to chat directly to someone who was seated, like it was a pre arranged meeting. I theorised that he lived in an apartment above and was a dealer. Maybe I was right, maybe not. Certainly looked sus though.

Around the same time, I visited Moonee Ponds. It was quietish, but one cafe was busy outside. Lots of dark clothing, dark sunglasses, darkish skin tones and dark expensive cars nearby.

What is going with all these spiv types? How can they appear to be wealthy but not seem to be ever at their office working.

You whistle and I will point, but seemingly Vic Police sees no evil.

Perhaps they are busy targeting Swanston Street in the city. A month ago within a fortnight I saw two separate parcels handed over and money exchanged as I passed by in a tram. I don't think they were balls of 3 ply 21 micron merino that were exchanged.


  1. the cops are at thefull extent of their competence, fining me for doing 106 on the road from geelong ... cos I'm a threat to society and must be taught a lesson.

    Lad Litter has a unique take on the Tuppence murder.

  2. Micro merino can do a lot of damage to a cashmere if used properly ;)
    3 wise monkeys running the thin blue line.

  3. i must live in an oblivious bubble, hah, and i live in Brunswick, isn't it the capital of underworld crime? Maybe it's coz i don't actually get out these days :)

  4. Anonymous2:21 am

    Me thinks Channel 9 is behind all this. They are wanting a series three of Underbelly and need a continuance of the story line.

  5. "You whistle and I will point, but seemingly Vic Police sees no evil."

    Vic and Fleetwood both. Those b*stards over the road from me (still there even though they were officially evicted two weeks ago now) are less subtle with their dealings, but our police (despite our constant phonecalls to them) are no less blind to their activities.

  6. Fenz: Crime is in the eye of the beholder.

    Anon: on the money! (ref- Gordon & Tracy G spat was fab Ch9 publicity)

    Brian: calling Plod, in my experience, brings their focus on oneself. They have YOU in a Red File now. Just start dealing yourself; it's My Superannuation Plan.

  7. You hoon head Ann.

    I suppose you have picked up a good bit of cashmere at the op shops Jayne?

    Fenz, it is funny what can happen around you without you being aware.

    You cynic Anon. Well, it certainly could add an hour sequel.

    Seems you could do with some Underbelly types there Brian. For hire, they sort such matters out quickly.