Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where I have lived

Daniel made a post on where he has lived in the past. I will do the same.

Born and lived in Riley Street, South Oakleigh until four years old and then Father wanted a farm.

Lived Main Road, Hill End, more precisely Fumina South, at the foot of the Baw Baw ranges from four to about fifteen. I forget, fifteen or sixteen.

Lived Keith Avenue, Moe for one year with Father and Step Mother in ex housing commission house. Explains why I am so common.

Lived Monash Road, Newborough for a few months with Step Mother's brother while a new house was being built by Father.

Lived Cato Court, Moe for one year in house Father built. Pretty nice house for its time.

Lived North Road, South Oakleigh with Grandmother for one year. I hated the country and smog valley Gippsland towns. The noise of big container trucks down North Road was preferable.

Lived Commercial Road, Yarram in South Gippsland for one or so years. I half owned a business there. Snob is not a word easily bandied about, but generally the people of Yarram were snobs and very insular.

Only weeks, but lived in East St Kilda in King Street with new b/f. Better than being in the next street, Queen Street.

Lived Manchester Grover, Glen Huntly for about nine months.

Lived Elwood for a bit over a year with R in his flat in Milton Street while I saved for a deposit for a house.

Lived Waverley Road, East Malvern in my first house. $42,000 went a long way then. Very nice house. Why did we ever leave? We'd be rich today.

Lived Prosper Parade in what is now Glen Iris, but back then was Burwood, right on the Alamein train line. Too big and too much work. Loss of income for a month or so while extensive renovations were happening and the Berlin Wall came down . Relationship problems. Friend problems. The house was very nice though. A area was a bit too middle class for a common type like moi.

Lived Station Street, Burwood in a unit for 18 months, but if you were posh, you would call it Bennnettswood. You need to be among your own kind, was the advice of a neighbour when we were looking at properties in Prahran.

Lived Rosamond Street, Balaclava for nearly ten years. More bang for your buck in Balaclava than Prahran. Removalist said why did you leave such a nice place (Burwood) to live in such a dump. We made the dump nice enough.

Lived and still do in high rise apartment in St Kilda Road, Melbourne since about 2002. I hated any high rise R had pointed me towards until I saw this one with its spaciousness, the light and the views.

Fifteen places, I think.

What strikes me when re-reading, is that seven of these places have been on main roads. The trucks on North Road were annoying at times, the train used to wake me sometime early in the morning in Glen Iris, but it was kind of reassuring to wake knowing that the world would go on for another day. R slept at the front of the unit in Burwood, and the swish of car tyres on a wet night used to bother him. St Kilda Road? Well, the rumble of trams is nice enough but I hate loud cars and noisy motorbikes.

Gee, so many places. Doe's it make me look unstable? R is a bit wanderlust. I never wanted to leave East Malvern, but the experiences along the way have always been interesting.


  1. i've lived 12, or maybe 13, i get confused and forgetful! Some of those moves included Queensland and London! I don't think it makes you unstable at all, just more interesting and with many more tales to tell.

  2. Been around the block a few times I see...

  3. I have lived in 18...but some for very short times and three for a decade ...but I am older...does this make me unstable..?possibly

  4. Nah, you are not unstable (and Therese aswell), just Worldly, lol.
    I did not realise you grew up in the country like I did. Things are certainly different in the country.
    I have lived in 6 places. My favourite was Altona, right near the beach. Yet, it was too close to the PRA (at the time) Refinery, and I used to get sick as a dog with respiratory ailments frequently. Still, we ought to have bought the place for the $100,000 at the time, the block alone worth half a $mill now :(
    Hindsight can be a lovely thing.

  5. Yes Cazzie! Altona is on the bay, just like Brighton. I just know it will be trendy soon. I noticed from the train, that all the houses are 2-storey with balconies too.
    The shopping area looks very sweet with big shady trees both sides of the streets. Inspectors on every train I've been on so far. Groups of FOUR too.
    Andrew I listed all my previous addresses a long time ago - more than 17, but only 4 were owned.
    here's what I know: when you fill in a Mail redirection at one of those Australiapost toyshop franchises, they alert everybody that you have moved.
    Letters come from Vicroads and others "why did you know advise us you moved?"

  6. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Goodness, I've been a gyspy! Since birth, I've lived in 18 places in Melbourne, 3 places in Rome and two places in northern Japan. Where will I end up next???

  7. Yep Fenz, I do have a history.

    And like you I have been around the blocks a few times Brian. The internet is a marvellous snooping machine.

    You unstable MC? Well, nothing better than locking you up would the NSW health authorities like.

    Aw Cazzie, I thought you knew I grew up in the country. Six is not so many places. Altona place must be a block with views.

    Ann, Altona and Altona Beach are quite nice. I guess there is a box on the AP form to check, 'is this a permanent move?'

    Stop bragging Vik. You ain't going nowhere now. Funny old gaijin lady in northern Japanese town.

  8. Bright lights, big city suits you better, Andrew ;)

  9. A city slicker am I Jayne.