Monday, May 18, 2009

We have another mouse

The highrise now has mice. We bought a cheap $15 mouse for the laptop. It is very pretty and flashes all sorts of colours. It has made the new laptop so much easier to use and I have stopped muttering 'bloody Vista' all the time.


  1. I suspect a similar $15 purchase by me would reactivate the unused million dollar Apple Mac at the bottom of my cupboard.

  2. Very cool, Little Joey will love to see the flashing of the lights :)

  3. The mouse plague in Victoria has yet to adopt the fireworks and flashing :P

  4. I can't imagine why you would use one Victor, if you don't need to for some reason. I am happy to be in a fixed position at the desk.

    Ah, she will too Cazzie. How can I plug it in and not allow it to operate anything?

    A incendiary device might light them up Jayne.

  5. I spent squillions purchasing that Apple Mac in the expectation I would use it on my trips away to keep in touch with the cyber world and for the cyber world to keep in touch with me.

    Have travelled about five times since the purchase and not even taken it out of its box let alone taken with me.

    I also had the ridiculous idea that I could look cool or awesome or whatever the current term is whilst keying away on my Mac at the footpath cafes around Sydney. Oh yea!

    Such are the desperate dreams of the senior citizen single gay man.

  6. Lol Victor. I can see what you were thinking. You should try it a cafe at least once though.