Thursday, May 14, 2009

Up a tree

Better try to move the youtube clip down the page with a picture. Now why did that happen? I guess because he is high quality.

There was something in the tree that I was trying to take a snap of, but missed due to a lack of spectacles. Quite like the photo, all the same.


  1. I think I can see Bill Oddie on one of the upper branches.

  2. Once Iwent tothe Point Cook Air Show in the 80's and took the best image of.... The blue sky!!! The air craft had flown off.... Who woulda thunk it. LOL. Back then I did nit have the luxury of pressing delete on a digi cam, I had to pay for the film to be processed to. Haha.

  3. Please excuse the spelling mistakes made above, I'm still playing with my new phone.

  4. Nah Brian. It is Keith Richard diving from the tree head first.

    Ah, you make me laugh Cazzie.