Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tullaree Open Day

I think I need to make this easier for people. Perhaps I will put a Lady of the Swamp link on my blog front page.

The house where Margaret Clement (there is a Clement in my antecedents but I don't think that there is a connection) lived, Tullaree, was open for inspection around a week ago. No, not by real estate agents but for a public viewing as a fund raiser for a local charity.

A very kind lass commented on an old blog post. Here is what she said.

Hi Andrew,
We went to the open day at Tullaree 2/5/09 - It was a once only open day to raise money for the local Christian Day, boy what a day was run so smoothly, 2 very long lines of around 2 hour wait to go through the house, which was out of the world, having read the book you could just see Margaret and Jeanie (room where she dies etc) I felt I had been there before, a friends mother used to visit Margaret twice weekly for afternoon tea with her.
The author Richard Shears was there signing books, which I have both and photo with him.
Any one who didn't go missed a great day of history. Everyone was so patient and all talking about their thoughts and a good day had by all.

The older book, Lady of the Swamp or the newer one Swamp are great reads and some nice local history.


  1. I had worked that night so had to sleep yet I thought of you Andrew and thought you might've attended this open day. Nice of Di to send this info to you :) I am going for a squizz at that link,.

  2. Sounds intriguing. Bit short notice for me to attend though.

  3. It did slip my mind Cazzie, but I have had not had time to do such a trip for ages.

    I saw you use the almost the same line elsewhere Brian. No matter, my eyes smiles.

  4. Andrew,

    I'm a great believer in recycling. (Which line I've probably also used before...quite a bit I suspect.)


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