Friday, May 08, 2009

Topical words of wisdom, you be the judge

I don't like horses. I don't like their skittish eyes. That won't win me friends, will it. But do I ever want to hear a horse scream in pain? No. Running horses at high speed with jockeys on their saddles and then making them jump numerous times as they run. Wrong! Cruelty to animals. Simple.

No names, but long time readers may recall an Ann who used to be a blog mate. She was, I think still is as of the last time I did some stalking, a local councillor for municipality very much in this evening's news. I recall her writing about some intimidating behaviour by some people. I think I might now have an understanding of what she was up against.

I won't say I don't enjoy Spooks quite as much as I used to. It is probably just me. But I did get a quick glimpse of Adam's willie earlier this week. Fortunately it was recorded so I was later able to establish that he is uncut. I was motivated to add him to Highriser Celebs. I put the rudie pics on the second page in the hope that they won't get pulled. By putting a link and the actor's name here, they will be sure to be pulled, so just have a look at Adam. Oh dear, they have pulled two already. You'd better hurry.

The one hour program about Media Watch and its twenty year history was interesting. I have been watching it since it began. That is one reason why I am so cynical. I was reminded of some very bad people, some of whom had the cheek to front up to the show in present day interviews. And oh, the evils that happened under the Howard government. Like it was said, there is nothing like MW in the world. I am not so cynical that I won't take their word for it. May it live forever.

Andy had a good go at the media this week, and they should take notice. With perhaps the exception of perhaps Pants, youse all make errors with spelling and grammar in your blogs, as do I. Ok, maybe I make more. No matter. Neither you nor I are professional writers. Journalists are supposed to be professional writers and so should get it pretty right. They clearly don't. All very well to blame the speed at which they have to work, but professional writer? Hello?

Still on the media. Rupey Murdoch reckons he might charge people to read his publications online. I recall a few years ago trying to read something on the New York Times website and I could only read a summary or the first sentence. I had to pay to read more. That seemed to have been dropped the last time I looked. Like anyone in their right mind would pay to read Melbourne's Herald Sun or Sydney's Daily Telegraph online. Mind you, The Sydney Tele is so trashy, gossipy and salacious, I might almost pay to read it, even if only half the stories are true.

Our ABC's pre promotion for Four Corners, a poor man's Panaorama perhaps Brian, started Thursday night with a promo for a story on a Sydney footaball player, possible rape charges and sex. With all due respect to woman, and no does mean no, mixing it with drunken and out of control professional footballers girlfriends, you will find your self in trouble. Just remove yourselves from situations, early.

I could go on, but tis enough. Ah, I left religion out. Next time.


  1. I have to censor news so damn much.
    Couldn't avoid glimpsing frontof herald-Sun photo of dead horse.

    Many horses just like it go to the knackery every day of the week.
    Bred with hopes of making money, and dumped when they dont.
    I wish there was an outcry over that.

    I'm still not over Dulcify going down in The Melb Cup ... hell, I'm still not over Old Yeller being shot.

    2. You think I havent trawled your hot boys? Had to compare them with CopperWitch's frig door gallery.

  2. "...a poor man's Panaorama perhaps Brian..."

    Must be destitute then.

  3. I find myself forced to do the odd serious entry, just so people don't see me as a complete raving lunatic.

  4. If I'm remembering the right one, she was Hume, this is Brimbank. Small world as we groaned when we saw the news, cos that's our local council now. Think I shall pop down to that local soccer club and gets me rates monies worth this weekend!

  5. Might do another write up about how there's 3 abattoirs in Oz that butcher horses that are for human consumption in Europe.
    Always a delicious side dish to the racing season ;)

  6. i see no willy. I am 2 weeks behind with my viewing of Spooks, soon to be 3. I hope ABC iView keep them up long enough for me to catch up with them.

  7. I don't care much for any using of horses for sport Ann. CW would just have random pics, mine are all famous!

    Raelene, I think you are right. I have mixed up my Sunbury and Sunshine once again. I think there is a new lot of Brimbank councillors now?

    No problem with it Jayne, so long as they are killed humanely. Better than doing a live export of them.

    Fenz, this weeks episode, near the end in the bath.

  8. Brian, I don't actually know the Panorama show, except we occasionally get a story from it broadcast here.

    Even so Andy, I think the jury is still out.

  9. The pic of Penry-Jones in his track pants where you see the outline of his goods looks OK.

  10. So agree Victor. Like a cat plays with its prey before it dines, who wants to see it straight away.

  11. What did Billy Connolly say about horses? Something like...glassy eyed dinosaurs that shy at the slightest little thing... like the wind tossing up a stray paper bag. Well, that was the gist.

    I Loathe the way horses are used by the racing industry.

  12. Not heard that LiD. Sorry, I know you like horses.

  13. No apology necessary Andrew. You are humane and you are raising awareness of the issue and that is what I see in your post.