Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top of the Pops

I just keep on tellin' ya, if you want to know about Australia, read an American's blog. I was informed by Dina in one of her posts that a musical track from Slumdog Millionaire is at the top of Australia's Aria Charts. Indian pop music and western dance music seem to blend so well. Does it matter if you can't understand the lyrics?

Only once have I heard Indian pop music blaring from boom boxes in a motor car, and where else but in Chapel Street. It rather beats rap coming from cars. Only music to my taste should be loud.

R saw the movie Slumdog Millionare, I haven't. R hated it. He does not like depressing movies.

I really quite like Jai Ho by the Pussy Cat Dolls. Here 'tis.


  1. yes, I quite liked this clip when I watched some video hits on Mother's Day. Very noice!!!

  2. Tim watched the movie the other night. Then he told me about it yesterday. I'm often too lazy to watch movies. I'd rather someone just tell me what happens. Anyway, it sounded good.

    Thanks for promoting my blog : )

  3. What a nice lounge around thing to do Cazzie.

    Dina, did Doona Man like the movie? I agree with you about many movies. I'd rather hear about many of them. I only give blog links to people who I like.

  4. Is it just my computer, or is that video box occupying two thirds of the screen? I can't see half of the links...and I was going to randomly click on a couple today as well. (Tsk.)

  5. I really enjoyed Slumdog, until the glossy, Hollywood wrap-up-everything-in-a-neat-little-package ending. I love all of the director's (Danny Boyle) other movies, which have far less predictable outcomes (I don't care if the ending of Slumdog Millionaire was a reference to Bollywood kitsch!)

  6. Linux problem Brain. Normal for everyone else :-P

    Most people seem to have liked it Evol. I may see it at some time.

  7. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Yeah, you should see it; it's great! Not at all what I was expecting. And while it has it's dark moments (lots) I wouldn't necessarily say it's a depressing movie. The dance scene at the end is great.

    On another note, if you want to learn more about Australia's history and language, I just finished reading 'Speaking our language' by -- Moore. Very interesting and one I think you'd enjoy. Vik.

  8. A movie ending with a bright dance scene must be good Vik. The book sounds interesting.