Tuesday, May 05, 2009

To laptop or not

R has occasionally mentioned that he might like a laptop. For some reasons, it has come to a head. While my 900 Krud pesos cleared some debt, R's is sitting and wanting to be spent. I did some preliminary searching on the net and looked and the GG tv guide which has ads for laptops, neither of which was particularly useful. Time to go to town. I thought R would be dead against using our usual computer person in St Kilda Road, but more on that later.

We looked at the big Telstra shop at the corner of Bourke and Swanston. Telstra is so proud of their name that they don't put it on the building. Brought us to the point of clarifying net book or note book. Prices not too bad.

On to a small shop in Latrobe Street. Not much on offer but more informations gathered.

Harvey Norman at QV had an ok looking notebook model for $840. A net book was written off because they don't have a cd/dvd slot.

On to Officeworks. Similar product at similar price but with $90 cash back. I asked about batteries and the evil microsoft word. No to the latter. R could use online word processor? No, he said. Ok. Must have Word.

Out of the blue, R said, What about our computer man in St Kilda Road, St Kilda. What do you think he could do for us?

Well, I now have a pretty good idea of prices of laptops and what you get for your money. I am now educated a bit about laptops. So I will approach St Kilda Road computer man with confidence. It will only be for web browsing and email.

Telstra will connnect the laptop to the the net for free via that dangly thing and charge us $15 per month for the privilege of 1 GB of data. Then $30 for the subsequent 12 months which is probably the period of the contract. I need to check this. R is keen to stick with Telstra even though I pointed out cheaper plans.

The laptop will be very useful when we visit Sydney. I normally find all the info in advance and print out maps etc. I won't have to if we are connected to the net via R's laptop.


  1. 1GB isn't much at all. I often manage to plough through my 12GB in a month.

    Before you get a laptop, you must always ask yourself one fundamental question:

    Do I really need a portable computer?

    Wanting one is one thing, but needing one is an entirely different prospect. I move my desktop on holidays once a year and while a laptop would be neat (and somewhat smaller), I don't need one.

  2. I know it is not much Rob and I do know that you go offline pretty well because you breach your limit, but the lappy will be a supplement to to 12 GB home pc. About to bite the bullet and change the plan to 25 GB.

  3. "Telstra will connnect the laptop to the the net for free via that dangly thing..."

    That'll be your dongle. (Thought I'd set one up for you for a change, Andrew, although I seriously wouldn't blame you if you didn't go for it.)

  4. Brian,I want to call the dongle a doppelganger and yes, I know there is no connection at all.

    Ah, thanks LS. I had forgotten about that. I was only thinking of online word processing.

  5. Open Office is good, I've used it quite a bit, however I re installed office coz I needed Publisher.
    JB Hifi have some very good laptop deals. Get one, they're ace :)

  6. I love my laptop far beyond my old desktop PC which is now sitting in a neglected state, gathering filth.

    As for broadband - cennectivity through telstra should be assured, however for where you live you're better off taking your chances with a third-party provider who can do you a much better deal, just be wary of hidden costs buried within the terms and conditions.

  7. decisions...I am waiting for my $900 cheque...how are they doing it...I know someone with a last name starting with a K who got theirs yesterday I am way den the alphabet...is this how it works???? My car's broken so that mine gone.

  8. All I can say is laptops r pretty sensitive...and I hv had real bad experiences with em...they die way b4 their time and I hv had to chuck em in the bin.

    Just buy it from a place that offers a solid service warranty and also get a good brand!


  9. I love my Toshiba Laptop, easy to move around the place with it. relax and read alot of info and easy to take away with you too.
    Have not had any trouble with this one, bought it at Harvey Norman :)

  10. I got rid of my desktop ages ago. I never intended to make my laptop my main computer, but it's just so darn convenient!

  11. Open office is under serious consideration Fenz. We will still have Publisher on the desktop. I will check JB too.

    Mutant, I spend enough time online without being able to carry the internet around with me. It will be for R's use mostly. I know we can get a much cheaper deal, but $15 a month is not bad, for the first year.

    MC, this is what tends to happen when extra money falls into your pocket, something breaks down. There is much speculation about the order of cheques being sent.

    Gee Keshi, that is not good. I hate anything unreliable.

    The way you say it Cazzie, you have had trouble in the past?

    You are the third comment to say similar Daisy. I am worried. But I would hate to be without a normal keyboard and mouse.

  12. Still need to use Word for Feral Beast's uni essays, have to be in rich text format, won't accept open office (grumble grumble).
    Thinking of getting him a netbook, under $500 at a little shop I know....;)

  13. Only thing I find against netbooks is no dvd drive.

  14. Kewl Rob. I may download it for the big kahuna if I have any allowance left at the end of the period.