Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Success with the lappie and the dongle

Raelene can sleep easily tonight. We are very impressed with Three. Good call girlfriend. It is lightning fast internet and seems stable. Amazing, the signal just comes through the air. It may well be a viable option for this machine and I will ditch Telstra. I will investigate.

The almost dead with a cold R picked up the laptop last night. It works fine, although we novices to laptops are really struggle with the pad thingie. Could anyone ever use a pad as quickly as a mouse, especially with one hand. I am sure our pad skills will improve, well perhaps not mine so much because I won't be using it much. But for a person with less than a steady hand like me, oh, it is hard.

I should have asked Computer Man to install Windows XP if possible. Instead we have Vista. Mr Gates, if it ain't broke, why reinvent it and make everything new and harder. Windows Mail??? Where is Windows Explorer? Everything is there, but just not where it used to be. As yet, it hasn't done anything that impresses me, just confused and slowed me.

Familiarity with a machine is quite helpful when you are talking to tech support in Bangalore.

And I did a good bit of talking to Bangalore today. I perspire very heavily when I have to talk to tech support.

The problem was Windows Mail, Outlook Express to you unmodern luddites. On the form from when we signed up, R's email address started with a capital R, the rest lower case. I have never seen a capital letter in an email address. Tech person said he had neither but insisted we used the name as on the form. The short version is that it makes no difference. Correct me here if you know better. I just wish one of the three tech support people had told me this.

We started off entering the Windows Mail details using a small r. It would not work and kept on bringing up a box repeated asking for user name and password. We tried using the capital R. Same. We deleted the mail account and did it again. No good. Rang tech support. Re-entered all the info again and then again. No good. Transferred to a higher department, same thing. Tried webmail. No good. Higher person said there was a problem. Yeah, I kind of knew this at the beginning. He suggested waiting a few hours and trying again. Of course a few hours later made no difference.

Call tech support again. Sympathetic Bangalorian bloke tranferred me to a higher person straight away and gave me a direct number for them in case I needed to call them again. Higher person told me to delete the mail account again, asked for error message number and once again we just re-entered what we had done about ten times by now. He was unfazed by the capital R business and said whichever you prefer, and then said no, use the capital R.

A miracle happened and it worked. Compliments to Three's help staff. They were very patient as I struggled with an unfamiliar machine and without a mouse. Of course it should have worked the first time, but hey, it is a computer and the internet.

I then emailed R using the capital R from the big kahuna and it worked. It also worked using the lower case r. I conclude it makes no difference.

The only problem now might be that 1gb is not enough. We have hardly done anything and it seems to be chewing through the allowance. There is a scrolling news headline thingie installed. Maybe I should shut that off for a start.

In conclusion, all good.

Btw, Computer Man put the evil Word on the machine but I think not the rest of the bloated Office.


  1. "Mr Gates, if it ain't broke, why reinvent it..."

    I thought everything Microsoft ever released was broken. Possibly on purpose.

    I've just updated to Linux on my spare computer and it's excellent. Far superior to Windows Whatever...and it's completely free (both financially and of Bill Gates).

  2. Another success story; I've picked up a new lappie for me via salary sacrifice and my old one has been given to my Mum. We've lent her the 3 dongle to trial before she gets her own and she is hooked. Loves it.
    Glad its worked for you too!
    PS Sitting on the deck/lounge/within 2 metres of eachother and emailing or messaging is normal, right? ;)

  3. Glad your lappie and dongle are like hand in glove :P

  4. Linux Brian. I am impressed.

    Course it is normal Raelene. If I find a pretty picture to show R, he won't have to get up to come and look at it.

    Yep Jayne, but still lost in Vista.