Sunday, May 03, 2009

Simple Sunday

It should have been a simple Sunday. We were to drive to Mount Waverley to check out a shop that sells half price Rockport shoes. We knew the shop would probably be closed on a Sunday, but R had seen a cheap cordless phone at Harvey Norman. We haven't bought ourselves a new toy for ages, so I was happy to consider a new cordless phone. We hate our present one and yet we have our older one still sitting in a wardrobe. It is even more unstylish. If you want either, send me the postage cost and you can have either the old old, or the old.

I was inclined to use normal roads but R said use the toll road and motorway. Mistake. We paid heaps to use the toll road, which led us to the freeway where four lanes were compressed to two because of works. Hideous.

As usual, I was confident in where we were going and did not bother to check and as usual, I got it wrong. I thought it was Glen Waverley near the railway station. Mein gott, Glen Waverley shops are nightmare. It is a huge shopping area, totally overwhelmed by cars and car parking, and yet we could fine not a space. I strongly advise, do not go to Glen Waverley shops by car on a Sunday.

Got it now after referring to the street directory. Mount Waverly Station, corner Stephensons Road. Funny little local shopping centre, for local people. We were big time hungry. Found a cafe but with only one pie, which is what R was fancying. What about me? We eventually found a quite nice place to eat in Stephensons Road, and had an eggplant focacia with a bowl of chips.

The shoe shop was closed, but we looked in the window. Certainly cheap. Not sure if it is worth the effort to go back. I know of factory outlet in Fitzroy where you might get the same shoes for the same price.

On to Harvey Norman in Warrigal Road.

Interuptus here. Did I mention that I woke up with a sprained hand? I think I might have slept on it. I am blaming strenuous activity with Little Jo yesterday. Did I mention that my foot was sore this morning? I am blaming Little Jo for strenuous activity yesterday. It could well have been the way I sat at the computer last night. By the time I got to Mount Waverley, I could hardly walk. Seating and posture when sitting at the computer are terribly important kiddies. Take care.

R tried to excite me about new bookshelves/dining suite/lounge suite but Old Limpy maintained his focus on phones. After much discussion and matching prices to what was on shelves, we eventually decided on one with a lot of pretty flashing lights in blues and reds, reduced by $80 and then scanned $20 less, all up $98. The the two handsets and base are charging as I speak. Can't do much with it until tomorrow. I will then have to learn how it works, alter it to suit us and manually enter all the phone numbers into the storage.


  1. ooh, we have no home phone at the moment because the current one is so crackly you can't hear. Then again it could be the line, but no one has bothered getting a replacement phone to test. Living with lazy good for nothing boys is tedious. Approx how much would postage be and I may snaffle one from you...

  2. "Did I mention that I woke up with a sprained hand?"

    Same here, every morning since turning thirteen. I still haven't worked out why...

  3. Oops. Typed too soon Fenz, sorry. Mother has decided she wants the old one and now R says we need a spare one.

  4. At my age Brian, more likely I had too much to drink the night before and slept on my hand.

  5. OOoo That's quite a nice one, good taste as always ;)
    LOL we were both in the same area on the same day...I was the mad old cow desperately looking for a bus if you happened past...?

  6. Lucky it wasn't raining and I did not splash you as I drove past Jayne.

  7. Hang onto your old walkarounds and your old style phones with a cord...the first very old walk about phones don't make your ear as hot as do the newer ones...and you need an old cord phone if the power goes out. You can't use the walkabout ones in power cuts...

  8. I have one plugged in in my bedroom MC. I never answer it as I will be trapped there, but I use it occasionally for a quick call out and I am always surprised at how clear it is. They are better than cordless for sure.