Monday, May 18, 2009

R at Work

'What are doing R?'
'Improving my pad skills.'
I supposed he is really.
Btw, is there another name for the pad thingie?


  1. I like to think of it as the "mover-er".

  2. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Off topic Andrew but thought you would like a look at pic of NSW's smallest train station with all the mod con's. It apparently services 6 people.

  3. Lol Me.

    Ripper one Anon. Complete with the electronics. Where about is it?

  4. A friend of mine has a laptop and he refers to the 'mouse pad thing' as the 'bludibasturdpeeceocrapwhywontyabluddywork'.

  5. Dear god!! I'm addicted to the playing Solitaire on my phone! WHo needs to make phone calls when you have Solitaire?

  6. as far as i knew it was a touch pad.

  7. LOL, I have a pad thingie majjigie too, but I do not know it's name, I know it was a pain in the butt to learn how to use it at first!

  8. Brian, no one seems to offering me a speed competition, me with a mouse and them with a pad.

    Evol, Tetris is my preferred game. I had a phone with it once and I miss it.

    Ok, I will take that Fenz. It is a touch pad. Irrelevant now, as we bought a mouse.

    A mouse was hard enough too Cazzie, but the pad is harder.

  9. Sorry Ian, I think he has zoned out.

  10. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Train satation is in a little country town called Wallarobba, Andrew.

  11. Cute. I will look it up.


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