Thursday, May 14, 2009

The phone box lad

I was in Kew this evening. I spied a young Indian bloke, probably a student in a phone box. I could see the phone hand set in place. It was fairly dark by this time. He appeared to having a rest in the phone box.

Now this is the same sort of all purpose Telstra phone box, complete with a touch of graffiti, the lad was in. Is there not a better place to rest? I looked at his hands in case he had confused the purpose of a phone box, that is they are not for using your mobile phone in but there wasn't a mobile phone to his ear. Could be handsfree?

He looked to be a bit slumped in the phone box. Is he asleep? Is he dead? Will I go about my business and ignore the matter? Would it hurt to give him a nudge and say Orright mate? Maybe he will lash out at me for disturbing him? Maybe he has a knife?

Good citizen Andrew prevailed and as the chap slowly turned to see who was doing the bothering, the fumes of whisky washed over me. 'Ok mate', he slurred. I asked if he wanted me to call anyone for him and he said no and that he was just tired.

I wanted to ask him how he ended up sleeping standing up in a phone box and how he got so drunk, but I left him at that point.

It is not the first time I have come across one of these Indian student blokes very very drunk. Invariably they are harmless and not aggressive, but it does raise many whys?


  1. Poor guy, but smart enough to avoid the trains!

    Have you seen the stencil graffiti on stations that I just noticed?
    It's of a sardine can labelled

    'CONNEX - packed fresh.'

  2. Dr. Who has a similar problem with drunks staggering into the Tardis and taking a piss on the console.

  3. I once encountered a young man doing something else in a telephone box that did not involve making a telephone call but I won't endanger the classification of your blog by recording here what it was he was doing.

  4. At times I wonder if some of the Asian/Indian kids on student visas are forced out here by their parents' to study, and then end up rebelling/indulging in their freedom?

  5. Those telco operators always put me to sleep, too :P

  6. Yep, seen it so many times..had to nurse so many, why is the ultimate question..the answer yet to be revealed.

  7. That is funny Ann. I would like to see that widespread.

    It is Ok Victor. The state library is happy to archive my blog warts and all. I guess the guy was jerking off.

    I know a bit about this Evol. Maybe not so much Indian, but some of the Asian students just go crazy with the freedom. My hairdresser in the past was from Singapore and his b/f had tattoo/piercing/old furniture shop and some of the tales my hairdresser would tell me. I think with many of the Indian students, it is a terrible homesickness, especially for their families.

    Nodding off while in a phone queue Jayne. I haven't but I can imagine it happens.

    Ok Cazzie, I didn't think of you as someone who would know about the problem, but of course you would. As I said to Evol, homesickness and I'll add some culture shock and perhaps even the receipt of some racism, intended/unintended/perceived.

  8. Oh, missed Brian. Nothing to respond really anyway.

  9. Andrew,

    No probs. I've been overlooked all my life. (And not without good reason, I suspect.)