Sunday, May 31, 2009


Let me count how many passwords I have, one for stuff that will die with me, one solely for banking, one solely for ISP that R knows, one for a shared project and one for all sorts of things and one that R can find that I use for all sorts of things, including my blog.

If I suffer a slow malingering death, such as from cancer, I will make you all suffer along with me and then one day there will be no more posts. You can assume I am no longer capable of typing or dead. Whatever, I am gone.

But if I suddenly die in an horrific accident or from a sudden heart attack, I will make sure R has the information to publicly announce my demise.

Mostly you know when bloggers stop writing that it is a personal choice, but in the past I have sent enquiring emails to people who seemed to abruptly stopped posting. Not really because I thought there was some terrible accident happened, but more just to let them know I had noticed their absence and I cared enough about them to wonder.

Fortunately many of my blog mates have close blog mates, family or friends, so I would find out if something happened to them. In fact most people would find out if I suddenly died from a kind of network that is around me. This one would tell this one who would mention it in a post, and then this one would learn and all the others would know too. Thinking about it further, I reckon everyone will know within minutes of my theoretical sudden demise.

I must say though, and I feel you should learn from this, I do feel a bit closer to blog mates who I have sent or received a personal email from. It is just that one step closer to a real friendship. Ain't I getting soppy now.

I went way off track. So how many passwords do you have? So many you have to write them down?


  1. Passwords? Jesus, I have about seven for work alone (which are not user defined and must remain unique, in daily life I shudder to thing, I have numeric passwords, alpha-numeric and alpha-only passwords, they vary in length and style some are obvious others random... I'm not particularly security conscious and originally came up with a basic password template which has been shot to pieces over the years. If I die you're all fucked, no one will ever remember any of them and none of my computers are set to remember them, so no one will offer the "The Mutant is dead" kind of post. Phishez might tell you about it in time though.

  2. I have 4 for work and that alone is enough to break my passwording brain!

    No one would know my logins for blogger or anything else, so if I fell off the perch I'd just disappear into the ether. I don't mind, I haven't really contributed that much to the internet world to be missed that much :)

  3. Passwords galore here, all locked deep within the grey matter so everything dies with me *insert evil laugh here*Got sent a group email once, from a friend's partner, to inform our small circle of close friends that one of our bois had died from complications of AIDS.
    The form of the telling cut most of us deeply more than the actual death.

  4. oh yes dear CameraFace ... within minutes.
    We would all be calling Interpol to deliver flowers to the HighRiser steps and it would look like KenPal in Sept 97.

    unless ... R, in his grief, just started blogging as you and telling us all what he really thought of us.

    re blogPal-ness:
    one of my alter egos is being slammed elsewhere for not being politically correct.
    Bloggers I have met, one of whom invited me to stay at their house, and another has exchanged gifts.
    The 3rd blog has taken down the funny photo which caused it all, but that has not stopped HR from dawdling late in to slam me when he didn't even see the photo.
    These babies roared laughing at Kylie Mole saying "spazz attack" on The Comedy Company. They laughed at comedian 'Steady Eddie'.
    I dunno.
    I am from the generation that was not immune to poliomyelitis so kids wearing calipers seemed like normal life.
    It's the generation before pensions for any disability at all .. oops!
    Sorry, 'any challenge at all'.
    Generation ZERO needs a humour transplant.

    back on topic:
    same pw for everything. absolutely
    unhackable but who cares anyhow.

  5. I have four passwords, I do not write them down. I do have trouble remembering them at times, LOL. Just the other day I thought I ought to make them all the same one. Which one to choose?
    Your demise would cause a rucauous in the blogging World.. I mean we would all be in a tizz... I would also not want it to the the first/last time to come to an event to finaly meet you! A rendevous ought to be organised some time this year I reckon... coffee/wine anyone? :) I am in!

  6. Oh ,yeah, and if I met my demise, other half would email the people's that I care about and am close to here... we have your email addy :)

  7. I'd tell you about my passwords but then I'd have to kill you.

    I know; stale joke.

  8. If I stopped blogging you'd know whether or not I was dead by the amount of bunting/cheering etc in the streets.

  9. Mutant, I hope you life is not as messy as your passwords. I am sure if I email you and you don't respond, you will be dead.

    'I haven't really contributed that much to the internet world to be missed that much.' Well I would miss you heaps Fenz.

    Jayne, that is a bit of hard one. When StepFather died, I sent emails to three people, our friends, kind of a fairly formal email. They knew it was going to happen and I just did not want to talk to anyone, not so much from grief, just head spinning with busyness. I spoke them a day or so later. I appreciate your point though and it must depend on the circumstances and the people involved.

    Ann, R would never blog. It is funny how some people love blogging and it leaves other cold. While I love flowers, I won't see them, so better to put into a kitty for a knees up. Re the rest, I pick and choose my political correctness. I see a woman around often on a tram, not that old really, maybe late thirties, and clearly suffering from polio. Horrible thing.

    Four is not too bad Cazzie. Three of mine are just variations, so if one won't work, I just add the extra letter, or rearrange one. Sorry about meet up. I am busy that night. I think you will live to be quite old Cazzie. Tom will be pushing your around in a chair, with Bondi Mark V tied to the chair.

    It is stale Victor, but where does that come from? A movie I think.

    Would there be a decorated tram too Brian?

  10. Only if it had done something heroic, Andrew.

  11. I have two general passwords. And I have trouble remembering those two (now which one did I use this time?) My PC at home has the remember password setting on permanently, but when I'm at work I need to have a better memory.

    At work we periodically change our login passwords, and it always has to contain a capital, a numeral and a symbol and be x amount of digits in length. It's a dumb system - any passowrd I know of others (generally know my boss') it's their kids names or footy teams, with numerals and capitals added at some point. It's not hard to figure out most.

  12. Brian, I like the idea of a Lord Hughes memorial tram.

    Raelene, at least with only two, you won't get locked out of internet banking, with their three strikes and you are out policy. Your work ones sound like nightmares.

  13. Anonymous3:26 pm

    I am being driven crazy with all this sign in/password at work. I have 12 seperate sign in's each with it's own password and three with an extra security attached to them like security memory sticks, revolving numbers and one other with somelike a calculator that gives you another special security number. It's getting to mind boggling for this old chap. Then there are all bank pin no's, email passwords etc etc etc.

    Technology it's the way of the future - blehhh!!!!

  14. A nightmare within a nightmare Anon. I think dementia will become a thing of the past as our brains have to be so active now to deal with technology.