Friday, May 08, 2009

Older than your grannie

Mother thinks this book may be worth something. She is unsure how she acquired it. It has a very handsome cover, but I doubt it would be worth much.

I can't quite make the handwritten text, but here is my best shot. Now off to look at old books at ebay.

To Miss A. May from Mrs Foster
with kind regards &
and best wishes for her future welfare.
Feb 9th 1898.

Update: Published 1897 and might fetch $20 retail.


  1. Is that an Arthur Rackham illustration? I'd give you a couple of quid if it was.

  2. Andrew have you been paying attention?

    She has it because it is a "tale of The Huguenots" and her ancestors were indeed Huguenots.

    Louisa C. Silke, Steadfast and True: A Tale of the Huguenots (RTS). Probably the 1905 reprint of this historical novel about the aftermath of the Revocation ...

  3. Wow, does it smell old and musky too? I love old books :)

  4. That would probably 50 of our Pacific Pesos Brian. Done.

    Oh yes F.G. I had to explain what Huguenots were to Mother.

    It didn't smell actually Cazzie. I haven't smelt a musky book for years.

  5. She penned just a few bajillion words in her many booksUnusual for her era that she was a career writer who never married.
    Pity about the price, most of her books are very rare, even in UK, yet aren't worth much.

  6. Jayne, perhaps the stories are just too unreadable, although, it did look a bit interesting to me.