Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Now if I wrote them down, I would have a lot more.

GP drills into a boy's brain with a country hospital maintenance department drill. No, not torture. Saved his life.

Why did the US put up with the bumbling idiot Bush for so long? What a statesmen like speaker is Obama. Who cares if he does nothing. He looks and sounds good.

The seldom used showgrounds train line extended to service a new estate. Just so damn sensible, it won't happen.

You may have missed it in comment, but how cute is this Wallarobba Railway Station . Best not to arrive in a wheelchair though. Actually, don't arrive in a chair to Macdonaldtown Railway Station in Sydney either.

Mr Kempy has another letter published containing unassailable logic. Some journalist did not buy a train ticket and got caught and cops a fine. Serves her right. Surprising to her no doubt, this happens all over the world.

I was chatting the other night to a woman who arranges bollards at night for works on the Monash Freeway. I never realised what a high stress job it could be and what bollard arrangers have to put up with. Blow one a kiss the next time you pass them by.

Just curious? Would them be something really satisfying about biting someone's ear off? Is it a sexual kink? Hope the victim was not carrying any blood born diseases.

My late grandfather was a market gardener. He used to carry large amounts of cash on his person, even when he no longer worked. It was habit. But at the age of eighty eight in modern times, it is just not a great idea.

Are we counting down to a reappearance by Susan Boyle yet?


  1. Awesome story about the little boy... nothing new with the elderly Werribee Sth Farmer (frequent flyer of robberies he is..still he does not deserve to be robbed, just ought to have learned by now not to carry all that dosh)..and yeah..Susan Boyle is amazing....c'mon Susan :)

  2. Re farmer, ok Cazzie. I did not know that he was a frequent victim. All these cash dealings at the market. I wonder how much tax is paid?

  3. Awesome about the brain story!

  4. The hairlessly talented Matt Lucas has 'done a' Susan Boyle act this week.

    Werribee is truly scary and I cannot wait to escape on 2nd June.

    Many old people carry great wads of cash on their person.
    Ex mother-in-law keeled over at hairdressers, and when my ex-daughter went to deal with it, she found six thousand dollars cash in Nanas handbag. I know hairdressing is costly, but really.Hers' is not the only story I know.

    Dr.Drill up there in the country is a true doctor - how grateful the parents must be.
    WEAR your helmet when on your bike!

  5. Anonymous11:13 am

    That actually is a wheelchair ramp on Wallarobba Railway Station Andrew.

  6. Pretty brave of the doctor Dina, but no choice but to try really.

    Matt, haha, bet that was funny. What an absurd amount of money to carry around. Was Labor in power?

    Oh Anon, I knew I should have checked. Unbelievable that there is one there and not one at Macdonaldtown.

  7. We admitted an old boy to our hosp with $28,000 on his person.
    His specialist had a conniption when he saw us counting the loot on the bed!

  8. Jayne, it was probably because you were saying,one for you and one for me.

  9. 'His specialist had a conniption when he saw us counting the loot on the bed!

    Was $28K enough for the specialists fee?

  10. Thanks for the plug. That bitch got me so angry, I just had to write. Even if it may cause some discipline issues at work (never happened yet), I thought she needed a reminder that moaning about getting caught breaking the law on PT with lame excuses is the exclusive domain of the herald sun. No sympathy for her!

    (broadband has been shaped due to excessive downloading ("Australia" - not worth the punishment).

  11. I was thinking along those lines myself Ann.

    Another point Rob, she admitted she argued the point long and hard with the ticket checking person. Now what frame of mind will he or she be in with the next infringer.

  12. That journo did say that she was at the ticket validator with her multiple-trip pre-paid ticket when the inspectors dragged her away from it.
    I do believe its all about revenue.
    and that the fine is excessive to the offence.
    I am temporarily in a bad postcode and have had groups of FOUR ticket inspectors on every trip I have taken. Lets say they earn 4 x $30K? they have to cover their own existence with fines.

  13. FG, I think the idea is to buy a ticket before you get on, rather than after you have used the product. $30K.....and the rest. With penalties and overtime, more likely $60K. If you encounter lots of inspectors in a certain area, then it must follow that it is high fare evasion area. Given you have said where you are, no surprise to me that there is a big presence.